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...about the Heart

Because Sometimes it’s about the Heart, watercolor & ink pen on paper (7″ x 8″)

New Aceos from Ma'at Silk

Two new original ACEOs from Egypt. They are both up for sale in my shop.

“The Great Royal Wife”

and “Along the Nile”

Have a creative day!




Ice Whispers

small watercolor (10″ x 10″) on paper

Gypsy Movement

Gypsy Movement, watercolor (approximate 6″ x 7″)

In the Meadow

watercolor on paper (approximately 7″ x 8″)

Sunshine Day

small watercolor (approximately 5″ x 6″) on paper

Chasing the Blues

Challenging myself today to get back to work. This is a small ink pen and watercolor (6-1/4″ x 7-1/4″) on paper. “Chasing the Blues”