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Day 0510

Here’s something embarrassing to confess at 43 – though it seemed like all the world was telling me to think this for most of my life: Until very recently, the one body part of mine I would have traded in for a larger model was my breasts. 561 more words

What Are We Doing? We Should Love Our Breasts No Matter The Size!

There are multiple articles with women saying how much you should love your little breasts and they all have their reasons why. Most of the reasons seem to be valid but a lot of them are not. 941 more words

The Perks of Small Breasts

No pun intended. When I turned 18 I had this feeling that maybe puberty might finally hit me now (no shame). I was wrong. I suppose because we are all growing at different speeds, that people grow taller at a certain age. 580 more words