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(Attempting) to Get Organised!

The fact that this blog post is a day late shows that I am obviously failing at getting organised!

I am not a naturally organised person, but with juggling twins and trying to run a business I have to get my act together! 334 more words


Success through Cooperation

One of the first decisions that any business owner has to make when starting a new business is choosing the business structure for their operation. The three most well-known business structures include the… 357 more words

Avoid the perils of the scatter gun!

A scattergun sprays bullets everywhere with very few hitting the target, this is how some businesses approach their marketing! They distribute a few flyers get no response so think flyers don’t work. 381 more words

Small Business Advice

3 questions you need to answer before signing up to a Groupon (or similar) deal

As small business owners we need new customers and advertising sales people can be very persuasive but hold your horses before you fall for their arguments, things may not be as rosy as they seem. 742 more words

Small Business Advice

Google+ | If you are a small business you NEED one. Here's why....

Small Businesses, may we have your attention please.

We found an interesting article on Marketing Donut & thought you should have a read.

Google+ is important for your small or local business because: 147 more words


Neuromarketing Cheat Sheet...

How to get inside your customer’s … skull and hit gold. 

We’d like to think of ourselves as rational individuals. Yet how much of our decisions are actually based on thorough reasoning (cost-benefit analysis, for instance) and how many are processed unconsciously, through emotions and intuition? 375 more words


Get involved or get left behind.

This weekend a group of local traders got together to organise a summer fun day, they booked bands, sold stalls, organised activities for the kids, hung out the bunting and the balloons and promoted the event. 360 more words

Small Business Advice