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How important is self confidence?

Last night, in an interview following her dismissal from the Apprentice, Lindsay Booth admitted that she had to go because she didn’t have the same self confidence as the other candidates. 425 more words

Small Business Advice

Small business advice in Brisbane: The key to every successful business growth

An informal business process of giving advice is the action of offering favorable support and opinions while offering periodic advice to a person or group to be able to help them to recognize ways that they can enhance the usefulness of their company. 497 more words


Are you taking the right path?

I love The Lord Of The Rings by J R R Tolkien. I first read the book in Year 9 at high school (too many years ago to divulge when that was!) and when I finished it, I immediately started at page one and read it again so transported was I. 669 more words

Small Business Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

Ā  Holiday sales are always a good way to jump-start business. Stop to take a fresh look at your product and service lines and come up with ideas to help attract holiday shoppers. 359 more words

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