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Happy Anniversary

I could not have imaged how wonderful and transformational this past year would have been.  Everything about my life and my family’s life has changed.  … 375 more words

Small Business Owner

Summer of Sleep

School has begun, again

I can’t believe that summer is over and my son Jake started 5th grade this week. It felt like I was just writing to you all about my… 600 more words

Working Mom

6 Key Financial Strategies to Get Top Dollar for Your Business

You’ve worked hard for many years building a successful and profitable business. Now, as you prepare to sell your business, the big question is: How much is it really worth? 525 more words

Sell A Business

Writing Isn’t a Real Profession! Say what?

Writing as a profession is a topic I am avidly passionate about. Since I started freelancing, I’ve heard just about every line in the book from, “I don’t see why I should pay more than a few dollars for that…” to “Writing isn’t a real profession because everybody can do it.” Why, just the other day my eyes saw a comment I’d never seen before: 1,611 more words


Tales of a Momtographer.

My baby girl completely changed my life in so many ways. No, she did not end my career possibilities, in fact she expanded them. I’m not sure when my generation started labeling having children as a dead end in life? 1,182 more words

Simply Speaking

My Advice Before You Open Your Doors For Business

I am by no means the “expert” on business. Indeed, I have been practicing law for almost seven (7) years which may seem like a very short time period for some. 636 more words


Going Home

My journey began and ended in San Diego, California where I attended boot camp for and where seventeen years later I retired from the U.S. Navy. 207 more words