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"All I Need Is A Great Designer"

I recently consulted a small business owner who was feeling a bit defeated by their marketing efforts. They told me all they needed was a Graphic Designer with a punch. 201 more words

Graphic Design

What do you really want?

I saw this post on Entrepreneurs.co.za and just HAD to share!

Most people don’t know what they really want. They think they know, but they really don’t.  573 more words

Perpetuation or Succession Planning?

Perpetuation the noun and the related verb “perpetuate” have a Latin root, perpetuus, which means “continuous or universal.” Other meanings for “perpetuation” are lengthening and continuance. 467 more words

Estate Planning

An Interview with business owner, Hector Escardo of Escardo Marine.

1. When did you start your business and why did you start it?

I’ve been working on boats since 1981 and I have extensive sailing experience around the world. 325 more words

Fiberglass Coatings

SMART Goals - not so smart after all!

I’ve read the business books and done my homework. I’ve followed all of the guidance and advice of my counselors. I’ve got a vision board to remind me of where I am going. 265 more words

Bella Modi

Why do voice lessons cost so much!?

I’ve heard parents and singers ask why voice lessons cost so much, which is interesting since I just had a European colleague ask why voice lessons in the United States are so cheap. 505 more words

Sara @ Sara's Music Studio reblogged this on Sara's Music Studio and commented:

This is a pretty accurate breakdown of what it costs to be a self-employed music teacher. 35% of lesson tuition goes towards taxes and health insurance, and that says nothing of studio rent and studio insurance costs, or any other studio expenses.

When you find a teacher that only charges $10 or $12 a lesson, you've probably found someone who isn't paying their taxes.

Started from the Bottom (now we're here)

Why would someone jump ship? Give up on a semi-successful shop (trust me, I’m using the term broadly) and opt to start from scratch. No sales no feedback, basically no credibility. 280 more words

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