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A Look Into the Future - As Predicted by Zorks

Here is a timeline of what will happen on earth in the future:

2015 – Farting into jars to smell later becomes a social norm. 89 more words

Squid hat Montage!

I had this whole text post written out about October being about Halloween costumes, but I wasn’t going to start talking about them until Monday, so executive decision, I will start that on Monday, but rather than jumble up some posts here, I will post a montage of squid hat images, with less commentary today, and show an update post on Friday and then start with costumes fresh on Monday. 448 more words

Craft Project

The mango orchard and the chickoo tree

Once upon a time there was a huge mango orchard with many, many trees in it. There were many kinds of mangoes in it; mangoes of many shapes, sizes and color but they were all very beautiful. 959 more words


Regretfully, I Am Not Qualified For Your Position

I spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning up dog vomit. The dog has bad ears and they get infected without my noticing because I am a terrible dog owner.  971 more words


Far and Away

One of the things that comes along with being an expat, especially with kids, is the time you spend away from your significant other. Moms who don’t work or have the summer off jump at the chance to go to their home countries for as long as possible during the summer. 336 more words

stain remover

2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/4 cup baking soda place in spray bottle
spray on stain , I use on carpet stains and also clothing stains

Daily Life

Seasons, Changes and Times that Pass

It is beautiful up here by the allotments. This place is something of a gift for the nervous mum and the curious toddler and the growing little girl. 980 more words

Small Things