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Public Restrooms

To Parents of Small Children:

I want to first state that I have no desire to join your ranks. At times, it feels like it should be said that I never wish to join your ranks, but for now let’s leave it at “for the foreseeable future.” But in spite of how I feel about children as pertaining to myself, there are times that I am thankful for all of those people who don’t share these sentiments (or perhaps they do, but fail to exercise all due caution). 208 more words

Love Letter


I remember the days where I thought it was “hard” to get up at 6am and get to work by 8am. Days before children. What a joke. 329 more words

Family Life


My middle child is going through some uncomfortable transformations. I suppose kindergarten is rather analogous to first year at university: one searches, blindly at first, for those aspects of existence that offer some continuity while in the midst of great change. 98 more words


A Bouquet for My Infant Daughter

Today, November 2, is my infant daughter’s first birthday.  It also happens to be dia de los muertos. On this day, families travel together to the graveyards in which their beloved dead lie buried. 198 more words


Three Things That Affect Small Children (2010)

1. Hunger.

2. Thirst.

3. Brand names.


Can quickly occur-

Without a proper TV monitor.


Two Phrases Parents Should Not Be Afraid to Tell Their Children

As parents, many of us feel like we do the same things over and over again. Laundry, cook, clean, you get the idea. Pretty much what I would call the parental grind.  865 more words

The Parental Grind

A Look Into the Future - As Predicted by Zorks

Here is a timeline of what will happen on earth in the future:

2015 – Farting into jars to smell later becomes a social norm. 89 more words