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"Tiny House Nation" DIY TV Show - Wow! Really?

I can’t be silent about the new TV show that is representing the
“Small House Movement”.

You can see it for yourself here
I really love the production value of the show… 1,140 more words

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How Simple Is Simplicity? or Down with Downsizing!

Ah…the simple life.  I often look at our cats Vlad and Sophie and wish I had such a simple life~eat, sleep, play, litter box…and repeat. 405 more words

Small Living

Doing Something Simple in a very Complicated Way - Can you live simply small?

 “He seriously Rube Goldberged that small house”
Rube Goldberg as an adjective defined is -
Doing something simple in a very complicated way, that is not necessary”
592 more words

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Put a Bird On It

Fans of Portlandia will immediately recognize the phrase “Put a Bird on It.”  Lisa and Bryce, aka Carrie and Fred, put birds on things.  This is my “Put a Bird On It.” 286 more words

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We all have Dirty Laundry! Where do you air yours?

Although we don’t like to talk about it, we all have dirty laundry. How do you deal with that in a Shiny Tiny? The simplest answer is – laundromat! 728 more words

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Thinking Small 101 - Economy

So you just walked past your formal dining room and thought, “When was the last time we used that? Christmas? – no we went to Mom & Dad’s. 457 more words

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