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Small Solutions

Steamed windows, old recipe cards, holiday aprons, home-baked goodness…

You don’t have to give up the holidays just because you live in a small or tiny house. 356 more words

Small House

Smallest House in Sweden

The first of hundred of cottages is an experiment where will be selected one student with blogging talent and social disposition. Originator of the project AF Bostäder is foundation that promotes the construction of cheap lodgings for students.  76 more words


Interest Vs Aspiration

Is it possible to be interested in a topic and not aspire to it?

Here’s my quandary, I have made peace that I only need a small home… 331 more words



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Do you believe in coincidence?   According to the Church and quantum physics there is no such thing. It is either the end result of mysterious design and meaning or the  strange order underlying the appearance of chaos . 725 more words

Away in a laneway, no room for a tree

I wrote about our first Christmas in the laneway house just one year ago.  Now I’ve had a whole year to think about decorating our little space and I’ve found lots of ideas on what to do when you JUST DON’T HAVE ROOM for a traditional Christmas trees. 500 more words

Laneway House

Tiny Kitchens

We recently moved and it has made baking and cooking a bit of a challenge for us.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the new place, very cute, cozy and minimalist, all things that are close to my heart. 382 more words