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How Simple Is Simplicity? or Down with Downsizing!

Ah…the simple life.  I often look at our cats Vlad and Sophie and wish I had such a simple life~eat, sleep, play, litter box…and repeat. 405 more words

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The Evil Tchotchke That Ate the Small House

Once upon a time, there was a lady who was a collector.  She started out innocently enough, with a pair of anthropomorphic peach salt and pepper shakers.   608 more words

Small Living

Doing Something Simple in a very Complicated Way - Can you live simply small?

 “He seriously Rube Goldberged that small house”
Rube Goldberg as an adjective defined is -
Doing something simple in a very complicated way, that is not necessary”
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Small Living

Q&A: Why the tiny house?

Finally, I’m going to answer the question:

Why live in a tiny house?

and here is my answer:

…why not?

The end.

…that wasn’t a very good answer.

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How to Publish Topic #4: Qualified Small Houses

I will admit, this is my sweet spot.  Qualified Small Houses are the up and comers that have the big-guys quaking in their boots.  Some of these people have jumped ship from bigger houses.  183 more words

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