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Small Yet Open

Not all small homes are actually “small”. If you make the most out of your space, then you will never feel the walls caving in. There are plenty of small homes across the nation and they are making bold statements. 194 more words

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Honey, I Shrunk the House

It is remarkable on how small people are willing to downgrade in home size. There are different sized homes all over the world, but some people are willing to shrink the size of their homes for various reasons. 239 more words

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Someone's in the kitchen I know-oh-oh-oh

When I am not strumming on my old banjo (which is totally not something I do) I like to cook.  And I like to eat.  So a well-designed and -equipped kitchen was tops on the list of what DH and I wanted in the laneway home. 483 more words

Laneway House

Itchin' Small Kitchen

It seems almost impossible to move around in a small room or space. Some people do not think that small areas are functional. This is untrue. 141 more words

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Mini building push - we got hammer hands, ceiling, and walls.

After five ten hour workdays, we got the ceiling and walls up in the kitchen / living room. As a bonus, we got “hammer hands” (something like carpal tunnel, the hands get inflamed, and the fingers fall asleep) bad enough to keep us up at night. 265 more words

How does our garden grow?

Yesterday I went with DD to the store and bought my first pair of gardening gloves.  Plus a bag of potting soil.  Then, while she carefully delineated and planted her first sowing of vegetables in a narrow strip by the sidewalk, I planted eight little pots with herbs. 584 more words

Laneway House