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The Dream Begins

It was a long time ago that we started this dream.  Both of us always talked about having a lovely little cottage/house/cabin in a quiet but  beautiful part of the world.   291 more words

Our Big Small House

Well, here we are.  About to embark on the build of a life time.  We’ve decided to build our own home, with the help of some trades of course along the way.   253 more words

Disappointment & Opportunity All in a Tiny Day! or Storybook Rudolph Cottage gets Even Tinier!

What a week here at Shiny Tiny Mansion – Whew! The following events are proof that living simply does not mean that all will go smoothly in the rest of your life, but alas, the river has rapids and calm spots and we will float on! 852 more words

Small House

A look back at the cabin design progress

It’s coming along. I promise.

This is just a timeline for me of how my ideas fleshed out over time. Progress made and lessons learned. I’m still in the middle of designing the basics of my “Kleinhaus” (small house) and this is a bit of a timeline how we came to the current phase. 480 more words


It Takes a Village~Portland, The Land of the Small

Since I’ve already mentioned Portland a few times on this blog, it’s probably evident that I have a fascination with the place and the people.  Admittedly, this obsession comes from watching shows like Portlandia and Grimm (I hope there are more quirky people than monsters there), but I feel like these are my peeps. 349 more words

Small House

All expense paid road trip from #Portland to #Austin + free little house vacation stay #tinyhouse

(Here’s a message from Denise Eissler, a small house enthusiast with an innovative idea and unique offer.)

* * *

Hello everyone,

Okay, this idea is really thinking outside the box…but we’re all creative people here, right? 419 more words


Work on the Cabin - late July

Getting the most necessary windows in place made for decent enough air flow made it comfortable enough really get some work done.  Step one was the main kitchen counter top. 434 more words