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"Let's talk bowels."

What are some common causes of a bowel obstruction? Think “A-B-C”:


Bulge (i.e. hernia)

Cancer OR Crohn’s

How do you know if a bowel loop is dilated? 91 more words


Digestive System

When you eat, your food gets broken down by a system of organs inside your body. This system is called the digestive system.

Role of the Digestive System: 507 more words

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Study supports gluten-free diet in potential celiac disease patients ( 2010 )

Public release date: 15-Dec-2010


Findings from a new study of 141 adults add to an ongoing medical debate over which patients with symptoms of celiac disease should go on a gluten-free diet. 293 more words

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Nutrient Absorption

The majority of nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine where the final site of hydrolysis takes place. Absorption of nutrients is the ultimate objective of digestion, however, digestive disturbances are common in animals and can result from problems in either preparing nutrients for absorption or absorbing nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) into the blood. 292 more words

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The Gluten-free Glut: Are you in it?

Every time I visit a supermarket store, I am amazed to find a slew of gluten-free (GF) products on the shelf. While these options are great for people suffering from… 603 more words