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Chateau: Small Details

I am by no means a super duper home decorator.  A few friends like how I was able to pull things together in my Chateau but it’s my comfortable place so it has to please my visual aesthetics. 144 more words

Small Space Living: Brightening Up

My fiance and I live in what is essentially a studio apartment; all of our living spaces (living room, closets, bedroom, office) are in one big room that is shaped like a baby “t.” We love the space; it’s just big enough for us and our two cats, and it’s bright with big windows.   251 more words

Apartment Living

Tips for Planting Spinach in Containers

It’s that time of year again, praise the Lord! Vegetable garden time! While many people may think that vegetable gardening starts in May, it is important to work with what you’ve got and because I have a very shady spot of patio to work with I like to focus a good bit of my attention of slightly cooler weather crops during spring. 312 more words

Social Change

turn your brain around

The need to consume is what I’d like to talk about today. I very recently realized I was under its spell, all while touting minimizing and decluttering. 310 more words