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Living With Vintage Style (With Resources) - Welcome to My Home! Week Eleven : Day Six

Vintage style to some could just mean “old”…

But to me vintage style goes far beyond being “old” and if I were to use one word to describe “Vintage Style” I would call it “treasured”. 1,810 more words

White and Blue Minimalistic Apartment by in Him’s Interior Design Hong Kong

With one of the highest property prices in the world, small sized apartment are common in Hong Kong.

Here’s another small-sized apartment with cool design to share. 123 more words

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Day of Thanks For August 18 - The week of August 14

When we are launching any big project, our minds hide from us the full truth about how difficult it will be. If we knew beforehand all of the tests we would eventually face, we might never attempt it. 121 more words


Day of Thanks For August 18 - The week of August 7

Every 12 years, the planet Jupiter spends about a year cruising through the sign of Leo. It’s there with you now and will be with you through early August 2015. 175 more words


Day of Thanks For August 18 - The week of July 31

The Earth has been around for almost 4.6 billion years. But according to scientists who study the fossil records, fire didn’t make its first appearance on our planet until 470 million years ago. 171 more words


REPOST: 5 Things to Look for in a Studio Apartment

In this article from USnews.com, Niccole Schreck makes a list of 5 things one should look for in picking out a studio apartment.

Moving into a studio apartment can be a great way to save money on rent without… 748 more words

10 Must-haves for Dorm Life

Hi guys and gals! Hope your week has been going well. The weekend is almost here, and I know we are all excited about that. But, can you believe this weather today?! 1,294 more words