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Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Two weeks today until the opening night! Which means, two weeks today until the first of the creative writing workshops I’ll be delivering to go alongside the show. 199 more words


Eye feast

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” John Ruskin

I think I will let the colours of the garden and John Ruskin speak for themselves today.┬áSometimes words are not enough…

Small Stones

After the holiday...

Gentle accompaniment of rhythmic churning,
Smooth spinning gradually subsiding
Steady slowing to a stop.

High pitched bleep
Pierces consciousness
With insistent demand
Empty me… 39 more words

Small Stones

sweet fragrance

humid evening breeze
whispers at the open door
come out, come out
the hyacinths are in bloom


migration calls

calls of longing
echo across the water
gulls heading south to the sea


pond and frog

pond and frog
frolicking to commence shortly

*** Just in the past two days, our annual frog awakening has begun.The evening is filled with their trilling calls and lots of splashing about. 20 more words


breaking fast

mists and small fish
rise in the morning cove
heron breaks his fast