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small stones: fragrances

I trace the contours

of the tiny cayenne peppers

and baby sweet tomatoes

leaves the fragrances

of promise on my fingers

Thank you, Becca, for introducing me to the concept of… 73 more words


small stones: change

trees notice

the change

in the wind

and whisper

this observation

to their


Thank you, Becca, for introducing me to the concept of… 76 more words


day 50


listening for the sound
of your voice –
indeterminate yellow

Small Stones

Small stone: Stop. Listen. What's that sound?

The new house has a different ‘voice’ to the old one. I’m still getting used to its sounds and interpreting their meanings – which floorboards creak and groan as they settle at night and which window rattles in the wind, which ominous thud I should investigate and which is only a cat hurtling from the top of a bookcase. 21 more words

Small Stones

small stones: blindness

tap, tap, tap

white cane

I look back

does he need direction?

he taps his way to the downward

slope of driveway


dashes across the street… 107 more words

Small Stones

Heart of the Guru

Heart of the Guru
light my way…
The path is cleared
by love and light.


Curiosity Sleeps...

Sun shines
through my window
Lazy cat …
Curiosity sleeps

Small Stones