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It’s strange being back again, anywhere really.

My old grade school, for example. That place, years later when I returned, smelled a bit like it might have been moonlighting as a sewage treatment plant each evening after everyone had gone home. 284 more words

Small Stuff


So… I was supposed to return from maternity leave to my old, full-time, wonderful job on May 15. I had been there six years and had very much climbed the ladder (and had been given the opportunity, trust, and support to do so from my boss, co-workers, our board, our members… everyone) in terms of both salary and job responsibilities/title. 286 more words


Life Goals and Stuff

New life goal: live life so the smile lines way outweigh the frown lines. Way easier said than done at times.

Things to smile about: … 40 more words


Don't sweat the small stuff

Read a book recently: “don’t sweat the small stuff”. It’s pretty good. I read it before a few months ago, during the ‘depression’. Strangely, the words resound to me so much better that it did then. 112 more words

Deep breath

It’s not often that my son get exasperated (me on the other hand…) but today we had one of those moments.  My son was at the table across from me talking to himself while doing a geometry lesson.  779 more words

Women In Business

Lighten Your Load

My third & last post in May for “Stroke Awareness Month”

A therapist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the…

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Since the last time I wrote an article for this blog, a lot has happened. I got a promotion at work, opened a new division in the company that requires a lot of extra hours of work every week, started working hard on our house to make it more of a home, buying new furniture and decorating, got a husky puppy that became a big dog so quickly I can hardly believe it, rescued a tortured stray kitty that became known as Capucine, our third cat, planned a three week-long trip to Hungary with my mother to go see the rest of the family and finally take a vacation after 3 years of non-stop work and kept planning our wedding step by step. 245 more words