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Small Talk Episode 15 - Mojo

We’re back with an all new Small Talk! For our 15th installment, Mojo talks about violin, his nickname, money, and working on the Delta. Don’t miss it!


12 Brutally Honest Responses to Give to an Acquaintance Who Asks You "How's It Going?"

It’s spring bitches! Warm weather is here now and people are starting to interact outside again. Anonymity is a thing of the past; no longer can you trudge up Sheridan in your puffy coat and blanket-sized scarf, blending in with the rest of the amorphous blobs in backpacks. 631 more words


But Why?

A coworker came up to my desk—during lunch  nonetheless—and sat down. On my desk.


Um, hey. What’s up?

*Insert small talk*

Did you need something?

6 more words

"Will your mother come here when you give birth?"

I’m at the grocery store. When I’m done with choosing the groceries I want to buy, I find a corner with massage chairs where I can sit down and wait for my husband (he went to another store and is the one carrying the backpack to store our groceries in). 268 more words

Small Talk

Okay, Colbert, I'll come to your party

I am an introvert. Give me a personal invitation from Stephen Colbert to a party that promises music, food, dancing, free money, celebrities, and a unlimited time at a petting zoo with kittens, puppies, bunnies, piglets, and baby monkeys, and I will think twice about whether or not I want to go. 607 more words


Sometimes I'm Not "Fine"

When you pass someone in the hall or see someone you know in the grocery store, the customary greeting is no longer just “hi” or “hello” or “good morning” or whatever else. 192 more words


Say No to Networking

Okay call me stubborn.

It’s okay. I’ll welcome it. I agree. I am stubborn.

I am stubborn, because I DO NOT want to network.

*folds arms and pouts* 707 more words

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