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As a frequent business traveler, I tend to encounter some of the same people working at my destinations. Whether it is the room service waiter, the taxi driver or the check in clerk, there is something pleasant and comforting about encountering a familiar and friendly face. 310 more words


How to Talk to Strangers 101: Wear a College Shirt

I pack light. For this seven week trip, I brought four shirts, two pairs of pants, some underwear and miscellany. One shirt is for sleeping, one is for exercising, and two are for everyday wear. 341 more words


A Trip to the Grocery Store, Aspie Style

My town has one grocery store. I’ve been going there two-three times per week for 20 years. It’s not like I’m a new customer. I just want to grab what I need and leave. 595 more words


How do you make friends in English?

Hi DEVELOP-ers! How are you doing? It’s been a while since we wrote the last entry, but now we’re back!

Now I have a questions for you here. 243 more words

Waving the White Flag

Do you hear wedding bells? Well, of course you do. It’s summer season and so here comes the topic of …white.


Words, Words and Words

Some days, this is my struggle as well:

As noted before, I inhabit this physical world but where I actually live is inside my own mind. 131 more words

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Rare Moment On Talk Radio

I don’t really listen to talk radio because it will tick me off. Last Friday was different. This is a (paraphrased) text from their program: 79 more words