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Why I Run

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I run for no specific reason

I run because I like to feel the morning air on my face

The dark nip of winter… 144 more words


Growing Old Disgracefully...Part 1 of many

“Tweep..tweep….tweep..tweep..tweep” said the bird sitting somewhere hidden by the spring wardrobe of blossom worn by the trees…..the little old lady edging carefully along the uneven sidewalk paid no heed…and possibly didnt hear the song so prized by residents of a small plains town…..a song prized because it meant that finally the winter was over! 464 more words


Harvey Maria

Chapter 30

December 15, 2011

Forecast for the week of December 18 to 24: This looks like it could be a snowy week, with rain turning to the white stuff on Monday and continuing off and on through Thursday. 2,074 more words


Small Town Musings No. 1

Last Saturday I attended a knitting group at a local yarn store. I don’t actually knit… but my new friend Sue was working on a crochet project and asked if I wanted to come along. 748 more words

Small Town Life

When we had to suffer the summer heat

The fan whirs above my head, insistent that it can dissipate the suffocating, tropical summer air. The blades rush after each other in the same circular trajectory. 145 more words

Small Town Life

Lunar Tetrad

I watched the Blood Moon rise tonight

Fighting to be center stage with the fierce Spring winds

Its appearance is a ball of dust in the gray black dusk… 105 more words


Maritime Mary: Beach Visit

During the summer the beach is inviting, friendly, warm, while in winter, it is cold, harsh and lonely. In the autumn it is peaceful and reminiscent, but in spring, while cool, it speaks to me of the anticipation of warm waters and lovely sandbars. 147 more words

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