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Small Town Haiku

Small Town Haiku

down Maple Street

next door to the library—

the gingko tree


by Lori Lipsky

I grew up in a small town, on Maple Avenue. 77 more words


Who are you? Reserve Judgment until you know who I am

Have you noticed all of the quizzes you can take these days on just about any medium from Cosmo to Facebook? I have. I actually enjoy them and I don’t take one of them to heart. 680 more words

Grandpa, Tell Me about the Good Ol' Days

Jeans and T-shirts were the in thing to wear.  I walked back and fourth to town which was 1.5 miles, give or take a few.  We took the “beater” truck for drives out in the backwoods.   640 more words

Small Town America


Scattered across the land are a variety of small villages.  Many have disappeared into ghost towns or been absorbed into a metro-plex.  In my travels, I try to avoid the Interstate and travel the old two land black tops.  Time limits me on haw of these little burgs I can tarry in.  I enjoy the old store fronts, that classic brick buildings and their details and the occasional wood frame that is still standing. 406 more words

Prairie Times

Operation 'Make Friends': Seeking like-minded yogis

Right, so a quick re-cap: I moved to a small town. “Town” doesn’t really do it justice – it’s essentially equivalent in size to the neighbourhood I lived in in Vancouver, if not a bit smaller. 303 more words

Making Friends

A Rant from the Pulpit

Today, a word from the Reverend Josiah Crane, who has been the preacher of the Goose Creek Country Church in Portsong for as long as anyone can remember. 493 more words