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137 Years of Storytelling; Moody County Enterprise

Hearing that someone has stayed with their same employer the better part of 40 years, isn’t all that common anymore. But Roger Janssen has never thought twice about going to work anywhere other than the Moody County Enterprise. 1,009 more words


‘Nothing much ever happens in Medaryville …’

Grandpa served Medaryville, Indiana, as its town marshal and jack-of-all-trades for 20 years. Before that, he’d been a farmer and had worked in area factories, including an ordnance plant during World War II. 898 more words

Letter Writing

My Cousin (part 1)

The earliest memories of vacations are from my 4th or 5th grade days. This was 70’s India with no TV, one station radio and floral print shirts.   1,025 more words


"Just smile.. Just smile"

Waking up at 22. Thinking you should have known it all.. Okay maybe a little more than you did a year ago … Okay maybe just a little hint. 256 more words

22 And Confused.

1978: A Love Story

In the summer of 1978, my dad was a skinny sixteen-year old farm boy in rural Illinois. He was tall and wide-shouldered like his father, who once threw him through a screen door at the mere mention of an ear-piercing; he was willowy and wiry like his mother, who set him on a motorcycle at the robust age of three—he couldn’t reach the brakes, so he’d honk the horn until she ran out, jumped on the back of the bike and slowed him down. 855 more words

By Kaylee

Welcome to Tiny Town Living

First let me explain this is not a small town site but a tiny town.  What is the difference you ask?  Well a small town usually has some type of government or counsel to provide streets, water, laws, etc.  184 more words


The Benefits of Growing Up In a Small Town

When I first went off to college, I had no idea how different my childhood and education was from the other students around me. One of the first questions I was asked upon meeting new people was, “How big was your graduating class?”. 707 more words