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Ouvopo #1 - Spiral Drive

Each Sunday, we plan to take a trip by walking, biking, or driving (other modes of transportation to come).

“Ouvopo” in the title stands for  336 more words


Small Town Sadness

If this wasn’t a small town, I’d be over you by now. I’d be moving on, and you’d be old news. If this wasn’t a small town, I wouldn’t have to take the long way home just to avoid the back roads that you and I used to take. 113 more words


I live in a small town. There’s no skyscrapers and the city limits are not vast. We have one gas station, and three family-owned restaurants. A bank, a pharmacy, one grocery store, and one school: kindergarten through twelfth grade. 142 more words

An Evening at the Fire Station

One of the many benefits of living in a small town is knowing people in the fire department who are happy to take you on a tour. 163 more words


Living in Small Town, USA

I don’t get pizza delivery, or any kind of food delivery, at my house.  We must have a well if we want running water and a septic tank if we want to flush the toilets.  497 more words

Kitty Lusby

Coming Back: Part 29

“See you”. Grace waits until she sees Anna walk out and cross the street without harassment, then deliberately waits a little longer until her name is called out a second time. 794 more words


More Alabama....

As was promised, here are a few more things to add to my list of things about the South…
This is sort of a “you know you’re in Alabama when _____________” 146 more words