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Camino Wrap-Up

I usually wait a while to do a summary of any event in my life through writing, it took me a year for Ghana for example, and I haven’t touched the subject of quitting riding yet. 450 more words

The Proclaimers - Spain

Professor Preston at Home - Elizabeth Corbett

A novel about an aging professor who accidentally hits a woman with his umbrella, and as a result his life quickly changes—to something better than he ever imagined possible. 1957. Continue reading →

Severely Forgotten

Warmth of the Sun

There’s a sweet sadness about this last weekend of August. When I was in school many years ago Labor Day weekend was the end of the hot prairie summer, the end of swimming at the public pool, the end of wasting time poking around down by the river and catching carp, the end of vacations at the lake, the end of the Twins on the radio in the evening, the end of root beer floats at the drive-in, the end of precious boredom for dreaming, until the next vacation. 39 more words


Make Your Stories Plausible,Please

I’m running late this week, something unusual for me but then, it’s been an unusual month altogether. I had planned on having a guest author, but two were not available and time got away to check with others. 978 more words

You hate Pacific County? Read this.

I’m guilty of talking about how much I hate Pacific County. Since high school, I’ve been one of the worst — really. But at the same time the reason I had that mindset is because the generations before me were always echoing in my ear… “There’s nothing here for you,” “You need to get away from here,” “Big fish, small pond,” yadda, yadda. 684 more words