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Small Victories, Part IX

I spin quickly and gracefully, lining up my shot on the voice behind me, but I know I’m already too late. As I swing my rifle around in a tight arc, an electromagnetic pulse—the doomsday device of Sergeant Eric Todd’s digital arsenal—obliterates my suit primary systems. 420 more words

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Small Victories, Part VIII

In the back of my mind, the Tolya of my youth is gleefully writing copy: “Flying through the air, our hero spreads death and chaos to evildoers, foiling the ambush, rescuing his team and”—maybe?—“getting the girl.” In the front of my mind, I am gibbering in terror because I am about to face three heavily armed and armored killers alone, I’m giving up my primary advantages in coming to meet them—distance is the scout’s friend—and I don’t even know for certain which ones are my enemies. 664 more words

Science Fiction

Small victories

I went to the market today. My favorite carbonated beverage was on sale. It’s a healthier option than other sodas so every once in a while I indulge (which is a stark difference than a few years ago when I drank more soda than water). 147 more words

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

In the past, I based all of my weight loss victories on my weight. My number on the scale is important to me but it is not the only thing I should rejoice. 265 more words


Small Victories, Part VII

I rise gracefully from my overwatch position and take a running dive from my balcony to, well, space. The grav systems on the suit can’t really make me fly, but they can make it very difficult for me to hurt myself falling, and my descent is kept in check by the whirring gravs coming online. 655 more words

Science Fiction

Celebrating the Small Victories

Since I was crazy busy yesterday (clinical all day and then driving home for six hours) I will answer two questions today :)

Day 2: How do you feel about your diagnosis? 778 more words

Small Victories, Part VI

The sudden bold lettering from the command channel almost causes me to fly screaming off my perch.

I exaggerate slightly. Even with the terrifying data packets burning holes through the air, I have been constantly scanning and assessing threats and routes and lighting. 499 more words

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