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Music Motivation

There are days that I just can’t find my mojo to get to the gym.  I force myself to go and ultimately I leave feeling fantastic.   453 more words

Weight Loss

Winter is Coming.

I used to have a boyfriend who would make lifestyle-related resolutions with his best friend every month. They were absolutely terrible at it, but the general idea was still worth something, and I’ve since stolen it for myself. 700 more words

Week 5 Weigh In

That’s right- You aren’t seeing things!  I have lost 10.2 pounds so far.  This week’s weight loss was disappointing- only 6 ounces.  However, I still lost something, so I have to be positive.   253 more words

Weight Loss

Small Victories: Quitting Smoking

I have an announcement to make… It’s been an official two months since my husband quit smoking! I know it’s a process, and maybe I won’t fully believe he’s quit for good once it’s been like a year maybe, but for now I’m just… 482 more words

Personal Finance

Just as simple as a change of heart

Sometimes I can’t help but pause and look around me and wonder how I could ever be so lucky to be alive.

It hits me suddenly. 636 more words

Small Victories: 401k Increase



This past week, I increased 401k contribution from 6% to 10%. For the first three years I was working at my current job, I had very few expenses and no debt and so my 401k contribution was 20%.  854 more words

Personal Finance

One of those days

I wrote up this morning with a distinct feeling of dread because I knew my wife wanted me to drive to Brooklyn, drop of the car and find parking. 163 more words