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Sin gritar o llorar.

We went our entire afternoon without shouting or crying. Did you read that? Without shouting or crying!!!

I mean, honestly, I’m truly shocked.

Maybe my babies were being extra sweet since I lost my voice over the weekend. 109 more words



I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently, but not without good reason.

I’ve been busy. Super busy.

After having no interest in the house I had given up hope of moving out for the 3rd of October and decided to put all my efforts into selling my junk so that I could pay my rent. 155 more words

The Story So Far

Small Victories, Part III

I yawn my way through my shift, bloodshot eyes attracting a few sly grins but no comment. I have carefully cultivated an image of someone who drinks more than is really healthy—quite common these days—and that serves to camouflage my real nocturnal activities well enough. 1,015 more words

Science Fiction

Small Victories, Part II

I awake from a dream in which things had played out differently. Our world was not occupied, our people not “liberated,” and I could wear my uniform without fear of re-education or rending. 221 more words

Science Fiction

When did losing one pound a week become not good enough???

Depending on where you look,  most medical professionals recommend losing one to two pounds per week as a healthy weight loss goal.

Well in the past nine weeks I have lost nine pounds,  averaging out to one pound per week.   228 more words

Small Victories

Small Victories, Part I

Martinez is dead, and we grieve as we run. There will be no memorial service for Vance: no burial with honors, our team in full dress uniforms saluting over the folded flag while a grateful representative from the Confederacy extols the virtues and sacrifices of our particular branch of service. 177 more words

Science Fiction

Not Just a Pretty Face

This little flower stood tall against the unwavering heat of a day in summer.  It was the only flower to bloom from a batch of wild flowers I planted next to my storage shade. 164 more words