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Small Victories

If it’s anything I realised I didn’t do much in 2014…it’s that I wasn’t grateful for the small victories in life. Starting work however has quickly made me realise this. 264 more words

General Thoughts

Wearing my heart on my sleeves

One of my ongoing personal goals is to be more willing to acknowledge things I have accomplished rather than dwelling on my seemingly insurmountable list of things yet-to-be-done.   219 more words


You wanna do what?!

Accountability can come at the most unexpected times. 401 more words

Simply Random

Small Victories: Paying for Tuition with Real Money

So I´ve been living in Houston for 11 days now.  Let me tell you, I am not used to things yet.  I don´t feel like I´m in a routine yet, I´m not sure about my job yet, and I don´t feel like I really live here yet.   1,181 more words

Small Victories

January Delight

Today was the definition of a beautiful day in Eugene, Oregon. With a high of 63 degrees, perfectly painted blue skies and good vibes produced by a little bit of sunshine, today was pretty spectacular in every way. 316 more words

5 ways to celebrate victories no one else will recognize

One thing about being a survivor (not my favourite word, but it works, right?) of a dysfunctional childhood is that there are a ton of little victories that pass without anyone recognizing them. 319 more words

Pleasure And Joy

Bluebirds of Happiness

So is it possible to reset your brain to make yourself happy?  Clearly not in every circumstance or for every person but I am starting to come around to the possibility. 893 more words

Positive Attitude