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More Small Victories (Now with More Pineapple Picture!)

Today, I butchered a pineapple. I ate some of it (it was absolutely delicious; the best pineapple I’ve had in years, in fact) and chopped the rest up into little chunks. 339 more words


New Music: Fly Union "Small Victories"

I was introduced to Fly Union when I attended the BET Music Matters Tour in Philly, two years ago. Usually, opening acts don’t truly capture your attention, but these guys are a pretty dope group of artists. 26 more words


Fly.Union - 'Don't Give Me A Reason' (Video)

Hot off the press is Fly.Union with their clip for “Don’t Give Me A Reason” from their recently released album Small Victories.


"Productivity" is Relative

One time I saw a sketch from some old comedy show about a dating service called “Lowered Expectations*.” I’m guessing you can kind of get the gist of it from the name of the service. 689 more words


Fly.Union: Columbus, Ohio's Small Victory

Every once in a while the people of “Columbus Twitter” (I think that shit is super corny, by the way) engage in a debate about the Columbus music scene, and in the center of that debate is Fly.Union. 516 more words


Day 1/Another small victory!

Today I started Couch to 5K.  I had downloaded an app for it a few weeks ago and made plans to start today.   I was going to need to do this first thing in the morning since its about a billion degrees outside midday.  152 more words

Small Victories

The Small Victories

We all lose at some point in our lives, but the answer of whether we will dig ourselves out of that pit of disappointment or stay and wallow in some shame always depends on the amount of self-belief we have and the amount of willingness we have to fight for ourselves. 749 more words