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SMART GIRLS, COOL GIRLS, OLD GIRLS – 2015 and the non-traditional cover girl

There’s been a lot of commentary in the fashion and lifestyle press about Celine’s decision to cast eighty year old American novelist Joan Didion as the face of their new ad, photographed by Juergen Teller.   914 more words

Fashion Editorial

2015: The Year to Get Your Hair Wet

Writing about what you are going to change about “you” is potentially one of the most unoriginal parts of the new year. Gym memberships skyrocket, new diets begin, people start making their own coffee at home and spending less at Starbucks (a true travesty, I’m my humble and basic opinion). 451 more words

Ag Education

"Sticking up for ourselves in the same way we would one of our friends is a hard but satisfying thing to do" - Amy Poehler


Some days I want to read by myself in a coffee shop and reflect. Other days I want to twerk at the club and give myself whip lash from dancing so hard. 620 more words

My Salinger Year- Joanna Rakoff

Rakoff has written a coming-of-age tale about getting back on track when you’ve moved away from where you wanted to be. Despite its familiar-feeling girl goes to New York to become writer, it’s a fascinating look into an almost mythical literary legend and a moving story about getting out of your comfort zone, represented by the setting of charming-yet-antiquated-literary-agency.


Golden Rule Or Shut Your Face

Someone said the dumbest thing yesterday.

So many people are so arrogant and rude when it comes to interracting with teachers.

They boss them.
They judge them. 361 more words

"Your Brain Turns Me On": I'm A Sapiosexual...?

I came across the term sapiosexual on social media. After some quick research, I learned that it referred to a person who is sexually stimulated by intelligence, or as one blogger put it: “nerd love”. 625 more words


Smart Girls at the Party: Yet Another Reason to Love Amy Poehler

As per usual, I’m behind the times and trying like hell to catch up, this time with “Smart Girls at the Party”, Amy Poehler’s web series/website/organization. 563 more words