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Warren Buffett Loves Demand Response

“Everybody knows” that demand response is going to be huge over the next decade.  How do we know?  Well, for one, Warren Buffett is investing in it… 65 more words

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Auto rate hikes bill passes, but here's why it might still die

It’s never good news to report that an automatic rate hikes bill has passed the General Assembly, but it turns out the measure might already be on life support. 209 more words


Microgrids Need To Adopt Standards In Order To Succeed

When one thinks back across the last 100 years of world commerce, one finds numerous junctures at which the subject of technical standards was extremely important.   111 more words

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Communities Shunning Utilities, Forming Microgrids

My current book project explores the notion that the forces of free market economics alone are in the process of forcing a rapid migration away from fossil fuels in the direction of renewables, energy efficiency, storage, smart grid, and electric transportation. 107 more words

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South Korea Ranks High in Smart Grid, Air Pollution

 If you’re looking for countries that have aggressive goals for economic growth, you certainly need to include South Korea on your list. What they’ve done in automotive and electronics over the past two decades has been most impressive. 162 more words

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