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From Guest Blogger Brian McGowan: Defection from the Grid?

There have been several articles about defecting from the grid talked about here as well as reshaping what the grid means to us and what it should now do for us. 355 more words

Smart Grid

Hydro Storage: An Efficient and Lucrative Way to Store Energy

Energy storage is a hot topic in today’s electricity industry – thanks to the increasing amount of clean, renewable energy connecting to the grid to support our environment. 756 more words

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Lights, Camera, Action: How Lighting Controls Can Save Energy

An Exploration of Lighting Controls, Part 1

When thinking about the entire energy bill of your commercial or industrial building, lighting might not seem like the most important system for your attention. 255 more words


Why You Could Soon Be Buying Your Electricity From Elon Musk

Why you could soon be buying your electricity from Elon Musk

Some time ago smart grid utility experts began to speculate that as automobile transportation morphed to electric vehicles, the vehicles’ batteries could be used as an energy storage medium to improve the inefficient peaks and valleys of energy production and usage on the grid itself. 544 more words


Smart Grid Concepts from the U.S. Department of Energy

Here’s a video just posted on the ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy) YouTube video channel, presenting a bit of information on the U.S. Department of Energy’s involvement in smart grid.  54 more words

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Smart Grid Pushback

It’s hard to imagine anyone’s objecting to smart grid, a subject that holds so much potential to enable a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate, transmit, distribute and consume electrical energy.  139 more words

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