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Delving into the DERMS Ecosystem, Or Why DERMS Should Top Many Utility Shopping Lists

By now, you have surely come across the term DERMS, which stands for Distributed Energy Resource Management System. But what exactly does this mean? What does it do and why should you care? 337 more words


A model-centric approach allows utilities to analyze more data than ever before

A mounting problem for utilities is the increasing amount of data produced by smart grid devices like Automated Meter Infrastructure and Radar Weather Data. These technologies are generating terabyte sized data sets, which utilities are struggling to, or failing to, analyze.  220 more words


Best Readings in Smart Grid Communications

Petar Popovski has been leading the team that created the Best Readings in Smart Grid Communications. The list of best readings can be found here: 55 more words

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University of California Signs Major Solar Deal

UC San Diego imports only eight percent of its annual electricity consumption from the grid, but it will jump from being 25 percent renewables to 60 percent renewables content by this deal just signed by the University of California. 72 more words

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Use of Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at San Diego Zoo on the Rise

San Diego has one of the nation’s highest levels of electric vehicle drivers per capita. Results from a strategically placed infrastructure pilot project show the region’s interest in the technology. 832 more words

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Walmart Nets Millions from DR, Automated Shopping by Sunlight

Smart Grid Today / Published 2011 / By Karen Haywood Queen

Walmart shoppers likely will not even notice when the air-conditioning setting at their local store bumps up 4° to 78° for several hours during peak demand periods this summer. 823 more words

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Revere Security Cryptographers Build on German Enigma Code

Smart Grid Today / Published 2011 / By Karen Haywood Queen

Cryptographers at Revere Security in Dallas have developed a cost-effective algorithm that is smart enough, short enough and fast enough to protect smart meters from hackers and terrorists, CEO Rich Stephenson told us recently. 841 more words

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