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charged accessories for your home

Do you find you do a lot of work in your kitchen? Or that your kitchen is the drop point for phones, tablets, and other personal devices that require charging with a USB? 244 more words

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Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Always consult with a veterinarian to see which vaccine your pup may need first.Most pet parents agree at this time that pups should receive DHPPs- distemper, hepatic, parainfluenza and parvovirus every 3 to four weeks.This should start as early as 6-8 weeks of age, and usually ends at around 14-16 weeks of age.The DHPP  needs to be re-administered  to your puppy when he’s one year of age, and then again every three years.It is now recommended that older dogs should be vaccinated every three years.Because puppies get lots of initial pup vaccines while they still have their mother’s antibodies , this kills the disease in the vaccine and does not allow the puppy to form its own immunity. 386 more words

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Off Leash Fun

All dogs need exercise, but they also need off leash playtime and freedom.

Off Leash Tips For Your Dog

  • Your dog needs to understand the “come command” before you can let him go off the leash and expect him to come back when called.
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a smart thermostat and air conditioner in one

The window air conditioner…a necessary evil in many older homes or apartments. They cool the air, but in the past, they’ve been ugly. And bulky. And so wasteful of energy. 300 more words

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Stout-billed, robust and often

colorful relatives of the woodpeckers, with loud characteristic calls. They feed on fruits and insects and excavate nest-holes in trees. The smaller species are called tinker barbets from the likeness of their calls to the sound of a hammer on an anvil. 107 more words

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