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A True Opt-Out on Smart Meters

A True Opt-Out: Evaluating Health Effects in Smart Meters

Smart Meters are coming to my town, as they may be to yours.  Smart Meters, which send WiFi signals back to mission control, will likely become more popular in future years since they save utility companies money and enable people to optimize energy savings if they so desire.   1,342 more words

Smart Meter Fires Spread to Nevada: “Be Very Aware, Very Vigilant” Say Officials

After recently reporting on smart meter-related fires in Australia, Canada, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Florida, the latest reports are coming out of Nevada.  This appears to be a continuation of the “Domino Effect” … 741 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

The Dangers of Smart Meters

Today, I watched a PBS documentary entitled “Take Back Your Power, The Smart Meter Agenda Unveiled” by documentarian Josh del Sol.  This is an excellent film on the smart meters and the issues surrounding their use.  480 more words

Health Warnings

Smart Meters

This video will help you to gain a good understanding on how SMART Meters are bad for you health and how they will be used to monitor your home.

Police State

Smart Meters Unlikely To Make Much Difference To Energy Usage

By Paul Homewood 




The BBC report:


Installing smart meters in every house in the UK will save consumers "only 2%" on their annual bills, a committee of MPs has warned. 540 more words

Climate Change

SaskPower to be reimbursed for faulty smart meters

REGINA – Saskatchewan’s Crown power utility has reached an agreement to recover the entire cost of its failed smart-meters program.

SaskPower CEO Robert Watson says U.S. 320 more words


More smart meter fires

Following Stop Smart Meters Australia’s report last month ‘Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Sascatchewan province’ more news has come to light of smart meters going up in flames. 38 more words

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