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Efficient New Homes

Leeds has a target to build 70,000 new homes over the next 15 years. How can these  homes be ultra-energy efficient from the way they’re built to how they are lived in. 72 more words

Low Carbon

Real-time water meter usage system coming to Round Rock

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Knowing how much water is used on a daily, even hourly basis, is on the way in Round Rock.

Whether it’s preparing a Thanksgiving dish or watering his yard, Paul Jergins keeps an eye on what he uses.  251 more words


Hydro-Quebec power cuts to customers surge this year

MONTREAL — Hydro-Quebec’s smart meters are coming under fire again.

This time it has nothing to do with the debate surrounding the risks to public health. 242 more words


Smart Grid Exposed - Take Back Your Power - Documentary by Josh del Sol

What do we really know about Smart Meters, other than the usual propaganda about how “they are good for us”“they will save us money” 1,258 more words

After the Great Hack (haiku)

After the Great Hack
the townsfolk moved into
the darkened shopping mall

Year by year, a new
a new civilization took root
beside the water clock

© kim goldberg

Smart Meters, Electricity Usage, and Privacy

My current apartment building has smart meters that measure and report each unit’s electricity usage. While you can get real time high-resolution usage data if you’re willing to stand in front of the meter, the utility company also provides daily usage data through their website. 903 more words


Latest developments in the roll out of smart meters in the UK

The EU has an ambitious plan for 80% market penetration of smart meters by 2020 as part of the internal electricity and gas market reforms. Emily Gosden writes in The Telegraph on the latest developments in the UK. 562 more words

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