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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s


 بالبدايه من حيث الوزن:

الايفون وزنه 112جرام

الجالكسي وزنه 145جرام

وزن الايفون اخف من وزن الجالكسي

بهالصوره يبين لنا ابعاد وحجم الجهازين،حجم الجالكسي اكبر من حجم الايفون 12 more words


What I Learnt from my Smart Phone

#1 Too many apps drains the battery

Worrying about too many things leaves you mentally exhausted. Solve your problems one by one.

#2 You need to be recharged in order to work continuously… 169 more words


Wanna see the bacteria that hang out in your mouth?

I recently came across the MicrobeScope on Kickstarter.  I am a fan of crowdfunding, have pitched my own project once upon a time on IndieGoGo, and generally find these sites great sources of random inspiration.   394 more words

楽天EdyとTFペイメントサービス、スマートフォンで電子マネー決済可能なサービス開始 [ #cbajp ]





We don’t have a land line phone anymore. A few years ago my wife and I got cell phones and started keeping track of what calls we got on our land line. 569 more words

Custom Hardware

Ever since the rise of the cell phone, we have only been give pre configured options that our carriers kept in stock. The time to customize, personalize and adapt to you life is her. 224 more words


Am I still SMART without my Smart Phone!!!


So, this is my third day of survival without my smartphone and I am very much alive, which surprises myself a bit too!! I was devastated and shocked and bewildered when suddenly my phone shutdown on its own (Are Phones even allowed to do so!!!). 441 more words