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The Impact of Technology on T1D

Without a doubt, technology changes our lives every day in one way or another. From smart phones to smart ovens (that respond to our smart phones), it’s hard to find an aspect of life today that is not shaped by technology. 664 more words


Stoked for some Technology Upgrade in my Life

So in the past few weeks I have had a heck of time with my electronics… my laptop charger stopped working, then my phone (Galaxy S3) stopped charging… and then what I was so depending on to keep my phone going while on the road – my car phone charger broke… man what a challenge in today’s day and age. 293 more words

A Hidden Treasure

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword. Of course that refers to written expression and exchanges of ideas being much more powerful in narrowing the divides between us than armed conflict. 546 more words

Cabin: iPhone Battery Case with MagSafe-like Connector

HEVO Labs has just come up with a great accessory for the iPhone which addresses its most annoying/weakest feature – the %$#! Lightning port which is used for power & data.   212 more words


Smart Phone

Smart Phone

I’ve got myself a smart phone because I think I’m smart,
But how to switch the darn thing on, was not a glorious start, 236 more words


What is the latest in the world of mobile technology?

The digital world is always upgrading itself. The fruits of this constant up gradation are catered to humans in various forms. Mobile is probably the gadget that has undergone the highest amount of metamorphosis. 311 more words

Hitech Accessories

My Opinion? Happy to Share, Just Let Me Consult my Phone

Today I was at an event where our CEO was speaking about technology advancements for health research and patient-engagement (the holy grail of cashing in on PCORI funds allocated from the Affordable Care Act). 422 more words

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