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Not about shoes, Phones!

This post is not about shoes, .. No, its about my other hobby. I “people watch” come on you must do it sometimes. It is a long time hobby of mine, I like my half hour a day to be alone for my musings and people watching.   198 more words

Coffee Time

My 80-something Dad's ancient iPhone obsession

Woe to anyone who tries to get between my father, who recently turned 80, and the iPhone 3 I gave him.

On the positive side, my father charges the old iPhone and carries it with him, allowing me and other family members to call and be called by him. 559 more words

Smart Phone

Test Drive: Moto X is powerful, stylish and uniquely featured

After years of experience using several versions of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy smart phones, I name the Moto X as the best phone I’ve ever used.   515 more words

Smart Phone

Republic Wireless is the best option for families

Families needing to find the best value in smart phone and cellular service can save a bundle while enjoying Republic Wireless’ highly innovative, contract-free service and the mighty Moto X or G smart phone. 122 more words

Smart Phone

Mobile Phone Wireless Carriers

This is a short list of mobile phone wireless service providers to consider:

  • ATT.com – Fairly good coverage. Economical pricing for shared data plans. $100/mo. for 10GB shared among several phones.
  • 264 more words
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Social Media 'Likes' Me - Really?

I watched an interesting news article the other day which was discussing the importance and impact of social media on our young people and how things were changing in society. 662 more words


The Petulant Child

No man enjoys being treated like a child. Well, okay, maybe some men do, but that’s an entirely different issue. In fact, that’s probably something to be discussed on an entirely different blog. 891 more words