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The Amount of Chicken Contaminated with Salmonella is Shocking! Here's How to Protect Your Family

According to NPR, new testing protocols by the USDA led to the discovery that nearly 25% of chicken parts and about half of all ground chicken bought in stores is contaminated with salmonella.  451 more words




Long time, no see!!! Hahaha I’m sorry for the lack of posts this past week but it has just been too cold. Every time we scheduled to blog it was about 5 degrees outside w/ wind. 228 more words

How To Shop Smarter Part 1: Buying What You Need

What does it mean to shop smarter? To some, it could be making fewer impulse purchases or buying more basics. To me, shopping smarter means being more discerning in my purchases. 364 more words


Winter Neutrals + Layering Challenges

I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile so thought that I’d get back into it with this one. December is typically a whirlwind of activity, but January is always a month in which one can catch a breath and get back into normal life happenings. 362 more words


Meet Krista of Read, Write, Teach Style!

Hi everyone, I just want to introduce you to Krista of Read, Write, Teach Style. I am so honored that she agreed to write a guest post for me! 564 more words


Resisting BOGOF

The mall is empty. Which is funny because when it first opened a couple of short months ago, you couldn’t find parking. Novelty wears off or people are still paying off their holiday debt. 374 more words

How to: Smart Shopping

Many women mark 3rd of January in their agenda. Sales! But didn’t you just promised yourself to shop less in 2015?!? I thought so ^_^ 756 more words