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Smartlipoklinikken; god forskning, gode resultater

Denne bloggen ser på forskningen som ligger til grunn for den medisinske  behandlingen ‘SmartLipo’, en behandling Smartlipoklinikken tilbyr, som benytter laserbasert fettfjerning. 

Smartlipoklinikken gir deg denne denne nye, raske og enkle fettfjerningsbehandlingen som gjøres helt uten behov for narkose. 90 more words


Family practice weight loss diet medical clinic

Clinic 45 is an independent family Medicine Practice with a focus in the areas of Internal Medicine, Weight Management, Anti-Aging & Esthetic.


Modern Medical Techniques to Increase Vitality

MetroMD is a leading institute for regenerative medicine where doctors have the right experience when it comes to various treatments and therapies like Human Growth Hormones (HGH) hormone replacement therapy, SmartLipo Liposuction procedure for weight loss and… 237 more words


Loose Flab And Get An Instant Great Shape With SmartLipo!

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery technique that removes excess body fats from a body by inserting suction tubes into the targeted body area and literally sucking out the excess fat underneath the skin. 791 more words



Cynosure SmartLipo

Ideal Treatment Applications

Smartlipo is ideal for treating little areas of the face, arms and neck and gynecomastia.

Smartlipo is perfect for SmartLook methods. 243 more words

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