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Windows Phone Store Hits 300K Apps

This is definitely a good news for Microsoft. Although, it has joined the mobile race a little bit late, Microsoft really does its very best to catch up. 190 more words

Berbagi Informasi Peluang Usaha Rumahan Menarik Lewat Internet

Nah setelah dibahas secara umum seputar berbagi informasi peluang usaha rumahan menarik saat nya dalam artikel ini akan kami coba bahas agak lebih terfokus dalam membangun dan menjalankan sebuah bisnis rumahan yang menarik. 245 more words


Smartphone Displays Could Correct Vision Problems Automatically Soon [Research]

It looks like the researchers have found a way to cure vision related problems in a less conventional manner. If the latest research is to be believed, than you may soon be able to ditch your glasses and contact lenses. 42 more words


Time has finally been making smartphone the heart of a new watching experience

In China, a new usage called bullet screen combines movies and texts. Some Chinese theaters are experimenting it as a way of engaging the audience. As for more and more football games (on screen or on stadium, see example), TV shows (remember Marc-Olivier Fogiel and the texts stripe or most recently every kind of hashtag associated with a broadcast) or natives platforms such as NicoNico in Japan or… 54 more words