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You're so Smart, Now Stop Acting Stupid

It’s not debatable.

I am not biased.

My daughter is incredibly smart.

But, I am starting to think perhaps I have told her this too often. 502 more words


Project Tryout: Bulu Box Review

Hi Subscribers, followers, lurkers,
This is both a Bulu box review as well as a first impressions. Lets first do a first impressions of my new Bulu Box that I have received for August 2014. 913 more words


A rich life for our children

These days when I meet with fellow parents, one common phrase always come up: “现在的孩子跟以前的不一样了” – children of this present generation are different from the children of the past. 471 more words

Life Skills

Literally THE Smartest, Prettiest Thing I've Ever Said.

I think my problem is that I’m such a private person. I don’t like anyone knowing about me or what I do. Thus ultimately leading to me being attracted to people who are only partially obtainable.

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Open Thread on Fat Positive Weight Loss Blogs, Fat Studies, and Embodied Liminality

In my comments responding to the vague criticism of this blog, I directed anyone interested to engage in conversation here. So, let’s do it!

What’s so wrong with disrupting the “weight loss success story” narrative? 98 more words

Life Writing

The Start

Have you heard of that Kardashian phone game? The one where you create a character and try to become a celebrity by mooching off of other people’s fame? 391 more words