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The Start

Have you heard of that Kardashian phone game? The one where you create a character and try to become a celebrity by mooching off of other people’s fame? 391 more words


Essential Words

In April, I gave a presentation on this blog at the PCA/ACA annual conference in the Fat Studies area. It was, to put it mildly, not well received. 677 more words

Hey Smarty Pants...You're Not So Smart

I am taking advantage of a short window of time to squeeze in this blog post between visiting the dentist this morning to get cavities filled in BOTH kids (the most fun thing ever) and heading out to see the Lego exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden, followed by a Cardinals game. 703 more words


My Owls are Smarty Pants, so there!

Owls are my new thing this year and there is no shortage of Owl siting’s of late. I believe it is my civic duty to help the Owl cause, because Whoooo knows you may become a lover of Owls. 111 more words

Smarty Pants!

Games we play

I never expected such an emphatic celebration from a person who was complaining just a few days ago that her husband was responsible for us 

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Supernormal... Good ol' Golden Fields relocated!

I’m guessing that when the smarty pants who named the joint Supernormal was thinking about the name, they went “oh, let’s make it a play on extraordinary and call it supernormal”.   364 more words

Melbourne, VIC

Little Miss No-It-All

One of the things that scared me when I found out that we were having a little girl was the fact that she would eventually grow into a teenage girl. 523 more words