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Smash Bros. News!

A recent announcement has unveiled that Greninja and Charizard will both join the fray in the upcoming Wii U/3Ds Smash Bros. Game. Greninja being a new contender was a big surprise to everyone when unveiled, but a lone Charizard (no PKMN trainer) was also a welcome surprise. 33 more words


Who I would want in the next Smash Bros (3DS/Wii U) Part 4

This final section will concentrate primarily on iconic characters of the 2d era.

10. Simon Belmont (Castlevania): A classic 2d platformer legend

9. Ryu ( 315 more words

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This week The Last Of Us fans were given a reason to be joyous. And when we say Last of Us fans that’s surely anyone who has played the apocalyptic adventure horror title from Naughty Dog. 582 more words


Podcast #6

On this weeks podcast, I discuss: All the Smash Bros, Titanfall and 3rd Party Devs, Wii U Owners Unite!, and Half-fulfilled Predictions (Watch_Dogs). Also, leave any comments, thoughts, or opinions below, and make sure to answer this weeks question: 26 more words


Introductory Post and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Opinion

This is my very first blog so I figured that I should focus it on the things I love most; video games. The basic set up is that every week I will post what I feel is the biggest bit of gaming news of the week as well as my opinion on it. 348 more words


Who I would want in the next Smash Bros (3DS/Wii U) Part 3

The last article we covered a lot of RPGs, including that of the Square-Enix characters. You may be wondering why we’re thinking its time to introduce those as the next in a Super Smash Bros. 427 more words

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Who I would want in the next Smash Bros (3DS/Wii U) Part 1

In 1999, Smash Bros debuted on the Nintendo 64. It was a fantasy for long time post-Atari era video game fans. Earthbound/Mother got introduced to a generation of fans in a new setting. 346 more words

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