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Love… I reckon I know what love is; please don’t side glance me with condescending scoffs. Assumptions that Paulyanna International Rent-boy knows nothing of this treasured concept. 154 more words

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Planning for 2015

I was reading this interesting post on Percival Constantine’s blog, the other day.

Now, I’m always thinking in serials, when I write.
Granted, I wrote a few one shots, but – probably due to my preferences in reading – I tend to prefer… 492 more words


Your Question About Book Formatting Answered

I normally blog on a Monday, but I’ve made an exception today, because I’ve been seduced by the offer of a free book. It’s Self Printed Edition Three, by Catherine Ryan Howard, self-publishing guru. 379 more words


Smashwords, NANOWRIMO, and Papa

I need to know if anyone has ever done this and what sort of effect it had on your writing.

Smashwords has this thing… you can upload your first draft as you go along during… 262 more words

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Sing to Me

When composer Neal Hendrix enters the studio, singer Liv Beckman is suddenly faced with a past she worked hard to forget. Neal can’t believe the voice he’s been after to sign a record deal is the same woman he never forgot after eight years.

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Sing to Me - an excerpt

from Chapter 5

That night, Neal lay atop the floral print sofa in the parlor, stripped to his navy boxer shorts. His body was slightly longer than his temporary bed, with his big feet crossed at the ankles beyond the arm of the sofa, and with his fingers clasped together atop his head, which extended beyond the other end. 875 more words

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