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The Madness of King Kevin- DISTURBING CONTENT WARNING!!!

The past week has been a whirlwind, nay, an F5 Hurricaine of revelations resulting the breach of the ITCCS levy. Most certainly, Kevin’s life is flooded beyond repair as the revelations of womanizing, abuse of trust, fraud and criminality are coming to full sunlight.   4,422 more words

Kevin Annett

ITCCS 'Directorate' in Brussels Agrees to Discuss Tribunal Validity

Posted on December 16, 2014

ITCCS Central Directorate

Head Office

Belgium-1040 Bruxelles, Avenue des Nerviens

To Mr. Alfred Webre

2938 West King Edward Avenue

Vancouver, Canada…

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Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett Dodges Alfred Webre Interview Amid Fresh Allegations

Today a third whistleblower came forward to record her testimonial about Kevin Annett.  This comes in the wake of renewed attacks by Kevin Annett against former supporters of his ITCCS.   275 more words

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett Exposed!: Womanizing CatFish, Slanderer and Druid Priest

I recently recorded an interview with Rachael Kavanagh who completely blows the lid off what Kevin Annett claims the ITCCS is all about.  As she tells me, It’s not about saving children, nor is it about bringing criminals to justice.   1,688 more words

Kevin Annett

From the Mailbox: Smear Campaigns, Spreading Awareness, Maintaining Relationships With Abusive Parents, and More

As managing editor of The Invisible Scar, I’m always open to receiving your emails and comments. Sometimes, I get a flurry of emails on a theme or that have answers that benefit more than one person. 1,478 more words

Adult Survivors Of Emotional Child Abuse

2 oldies, still topical - Police Corruption

Two books, still worth reading, emerged from the Stalker affair in the eighties. For those unfamiliar with the events the following two articles are helpful. 504 more words

Media Theory

In the world of mass media, the theory of propaganda exists, and it is extremely powerful. The term propaganda is coined from the attempt to influence an audience through mass communication that usually involves total control of the transmission of information, often without the audience’s knowing who is controlling the message. 364 more words