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“Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world but has not solved one yet.” – Maya Angelou

“Think before you post smear campaigns against those you don’t approve of, disagree with or dislike. 36 more words

They Want Your Money

There have been occasional strange stories in the press over the years about an odd person just giving money away on the street to random strangers. 601 more words

Was Patrick McLaw gang stalked?

Gang stalkers tell lies about their targets. Lies include allegations of improper sexual behaviour, violent tendencies, criminal behaviour and insanity.

Targets are mainly women and ethnic groups, working class or lower middle class.   583 more words

Identity Theft - Manipulating Belief and Substitution

Discontinuities in a person’s life such as moving location cause the loss of a social group who know that person, making it easier to target that person for identity theft, by which I mean replacing that person with someone fraudulently claiming to be them. 1,722 more words

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What do John Stalker, Kevin Taylor and Denis Lehane have in common?

They were all innocent men. They were self-made men who came from lowly origins in society, working class and lower middle class. 160 more words