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Smelly Washer-How To Video and Review

Smelly Washer Cleaner is not only effective, it is super easy to use. All you need to do in order to use it is fill the cap level to the top (1 Tbsp)  then add it to empty washer. 488 more words

"What's that smell?" he said. The answer is still making me laugh.

One of the funniest exchanges I ever heard between my husband and his brother was once when my husband asked , “What’s that smell?”

And in the same heartbeat… 49 more words


The Smell of Summer

Summer on Cape Cod has a plethora of scents: the sulfurous rotten egg scent of the salt marshes at low tide, the crisp, salty sea air, freshly cut grass from the multitude of landscaping companies, the smoky smell of beach bonfires on Nauset or Sandy Neck Beach, and if you’re in Hyannis behind the mall, the lovely aroma of the sewage treatment plant. 238 more words


Shadow of Fullness

There are many things in life that contribute to its fullness. There are many other things that are heralded and paraded as fulfilling—only to be disclosed as fraudulent. 69 more words



प्राण माझा असला तरी,श्वास मात्र तुझाचं आहे…!!
प्रेम माझे असले तरी,सुगंध मात्र तुझाचं आहे….!!

For You

I smell bickies

Wait a moment. Wait, a moment. A melting moment.
Smell is a powerful memory jogger. Good smells and bad smells, but more importantly the smell of baking biscuits. 273 more words


Love The Smell Of Aviation Fuel In The Morning

Tuesday morning and it’s grey here, don’t know what’s happened to summer!!! Kept awake by a little b@st*rd mosquito, no it wasn’t interested in eating me, just buzzing past my ear all night, so a bit tired this morning!!! 70 more words