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I’m glued here,
pasted to this spot
and feeling wasted
like a compliment.
My thoughts, they play
and replay, rewind, recount
and retell the same story, 106 more words


Here’s why dogs really smell each other’s behinds

In this new video from the American Chemical Society, we learn the answer to the mystery of why dogs are so friendly when it comes to smelling each other’s behinds.

Washington Post


#SomethingNewEveryDay - Smell and Memory

One of my favorite “ice breaker” type questions is this:  Had you to give up one of your five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell – which one would you choose? 163 more words


Why do dogs sniff each other's butts?

According to the American Chemical Society it’s all about literally sniffing out important information about the other such as gender, emotional state, diet, and more


Home Sweet... Smell?

When you rent sometimes you get extra things you weren’t planning on.  Sometimes they are good, like a lawnmower, sometimes they are bad like dog smell. 555 more words


A Coffee Free Life

Get up in the morning, brush your teeth, take a shower, shave (no shaving if your a girl) and what’s this? Coffee in the morning, the most important thing in the morning, or to some people the most important thing in life. 294 more words

I wish I could …

blog in sound and smell. I can manage visual with words and photographs but it’s just not enough to describe what I’d like to convey. 185 more words