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The smell of you lingered on me,
As if it was a sign.
My heart ached in pain,
Knowing that I was letting it get to me. 100 more words

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

A good scent is an essential part of the attire. You may not be able to grasp someone’s attention with that cute top you’re wearing, but smelling like a goddess will make heads turn. 178 more words


Day 26: Surround Yourself with Savory Scents

People don’t like¬†things that smell bad. That’s a fact.

In my house, though, I have a rabbit and two cats and very little dedication to cleaning and/or making things smell good. 268 more words


Something to live by

His smell still lingered on

But he was gone

It was in his shoes, his clothes

And in the ashtray he always kept around.

The house was finally tidy, 126 more words

Views, Opinions And More

Four Weird Ways Animals Sense the World

By Jason Bittel

When humans sniff in order to smell something, we draw a quick puff of air into our nostrils and over chemoreceptors in our nasal cavity. 649 more words


Day 6 - 31 Day Blog Challenge.

My Five Senses Right Now

Touch – I’m tapping the keys on my laptop, writing this blog post.

Smell РI can smell my raspberry shampoo, the glass of vimto on the table next to me and the fresh smell of air freshener. 59 more words