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With their noisy tools and m. essy cement andbathe horrible smelling bodies, dear builders working on my house, BATHE the smell is something unbearable but atleast they work well, i have to wrangle dogs all day because they want to bite the builders because of being abused by their previous owners, so visitors and strangers to my house dont just barge in wait at the gate for me to validate your safety for the dogs, then they probably wont bite you, maybe. 24 more words


This old-timer static caravan called ‘Fairfields’, can be found off Sea Lane, Huttoft, Lincolnshire, England. It has seen better days.

It reminds me of one that my Grandad used to have further up the coast in Yorkshire. 60 more words



Smell connects us to our surroundings and has the power to trigger an emotional response. Lance Winters’ job as a master distiller at St. George Spirits is to capture fleeting smells and contain them as a sortof message in a bottle that evokes a very strong sense of place. 11 more words


Exclusive Recipe: Deodorant Sandwiches!

Deodorant is great. Without deodorant humanity would have succumbed to extinction decades ago – the stifling stench of BO would have stifled everyone in one great big stifle. 290 more words


Sense Memory, Sense Emotion

Smell is the sense that has the deepest and least conscious connection to memory, followed by taste. When we smell the perfume that our grandmother wore, we find ourselves thinking about her without really knowing why. 559 more words



I smell the scent of thoughts combined

Meditating a storm or a terrible tide

I smell the scent of pungent fumes

Defusing the properties of hues that fuse… 60 more words

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