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Obama: Americans want 'new car smell' in 2016

(AP) ‒ President Barack Obama says voters want a “new car smell” in the 2016 White House race and that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be “a great president.” … 267 more words

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Life on Steroids - day 2

11:00 am: A very poor night last night. Managed to persuade myself to attempt sleeping at around 2:00 am. Lay awake until 3:30, mind buzzing, though incoherent, churning unfocussed dross. 693 more words


The Smell of Vanilla

Vanilla comes from the pods of the vanilla orchid Vanilla planifolia.

Christmas is coming, if you want it or not, and with it comes the time of long, cozy winter evenings filled with lots of delicious baking together.

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The Ayn Random Trap

I am in Vilnius, Lithuania. I talk to an English farmer about how cheap it is, and how hard working the people are. He has been to a place called Troika. 440 more words


Brut Force

When I came home from work today, our flat smelled like the 70s. Specifically, it smelled like Brut 33 aftershave.

At first I thought I was having a flashback but after a while I realised the smell was everywhere. 155 more words


Breathing it in, a bellend and a fart I wasn't allowed to laugh at

Smelling the grass and the air at Aotearoa Stonehenge.
His dad saying bellend and not meaning a penis and me smirking with my head down, trying not to laugh. 15 more words

Norwegian Wood

I love how my guitar smells. It reminds me of my father’s 12-string case, and the scent of the wood conditioner he’d let me help apply when I was a kid. 493 more words