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Annalise candles

Annalise Candles welcomes you to our exclusive range of beautifully hand-poured natural candles. All our candles are made from, 100% pure soy wax, which is eco- friendly, natural fragrances and pure essential oils which provide a wonderful aroma throughout your home. 138 more words

Inaugeral Adress: Sense and Palatability

Food is more than fuel to sustain us to our next meal. We are complex creatures that create meaningful associations between memories and food. Food and it’s smells can invoke feelings of comfort or even disgust. 585 more words


What does Topanga smell like? To a four-year-old.

Walking back from dropping his brother at school this morning, my middle son suddenly shouted out, “I don’t see Topanga, but I smell it!”  Asked what does it smell like, he responds, “It smells like mountains full of bears.” 110 more words


"The garden is getting healthier! It's growing muscles!"

All student scientists have been using their senses this year to observe changes taking place around our garden laboratory. Kindergarteners in particular have been honing in on practicing their five senses during our class times. 526 more words


Hawai’i is not what you think. It is not this hula-dancing-image fabricated in the fifties with white sand shipped from the coastline of Los Angeles. Hawai’i has mythos and deep rooted ancient wisdom, far beyond the floral patterns. 122 more words