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Chase After It

Today, I was Christmas baking again. And, while this is my third day and my feet are still killing me from the first day, it was by far the best day of baking yet. 293 more words

College Life

Christmas Baking

Every year, I make platters of cookies and candies for friends. So, as Christmas is in 11 days, I started my 2014 Christmas baking. I still have a minimum of two days left, but I am already tired! 57 more words


I Am My Spiritual Gift

Before I get started, I must explain my spiritual gift (in a nutshell). So, out of the seven possible Motivation gifts, I am exhortation. This gift is in me from birth to death, whether I believe or not. 275 more words

College Life

Heaven: The Biggest Family Reunion

Heaven is going to be a huge family reunion. You are going to get there and could meet your great great great great great great grandmother and her great great great great great great uncle. 185 more words

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Pray for a Friend

I am going to give you a challenge. Pray for a friend right… NOW!

Did you do it? I hope so. We, the Church,  need to take prayer way more seriously. 109 more words

Christ Follower

002 // Rainy Autumn Mornings

My alarm woke me at 4:55 this morning. I kept my head on my pillow as I pondered clothes for the day. It is a generally useless activity – the first outfit I plan is never the one I wear. 345 more words

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