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In a certain light

I am the monster

The sparkle in dark brown eyes

becomes a sinister glint

The pleasing curve of a smile

becomes a cruel smirk… 13 more words


April 13, 2014

Practice smiling today

Find a smile that makes you look good


No teeth?

Little smirk?


Then you have a smile

And you look freaking awesome!!!



I so love how Jessica’s gone from zero to sixty on her “documentary” project…Shrimp Sauce can only stand there looking pathetic, cradling their infant son. “So are we going to get daycare…?” As if they could even… 29 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Acting Younger

Acting younger
Than that ungodly number of years
I’m still the Pan
I smirk at your oldest fears
Don’t worry your pretty little head
For still I’m man enough for you… 15 more words


Smirk (Black Cats Smirk)

Just something fun and small for today.  Pastel painting on Canson paper:

Works In Progress

Describe a part of someone you love...

By: Cody Breese Thomas

That crescent smirk, peeling away from porcelain teeth, grows into a waxing moon with a lining of maroon lips. Those lips curl, stretch, arc, and bite, paralleling her emotions; those lips are legible, they speak to me. 320 more words