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Sir Thomas Hawkins the younger, poet and translator (1575 - 1640)

Henry Hawkins, SJ, was not the only son of Sir Thomas Hawkins of Nash Court with literary accomplishments to his name. Henry’s older brother, another Sir Thomas Hawkins, was a poet and translator who moved in London literary circles. 1,164 more words


Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 4

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Jessica sat up, startled, as she felt her phone buzzing in her back pocket. She glanced around the lecture hall as she pulled it out, glancing down. 9,773 more words


Identity Research: Storytelling.

Julian Smith is a producer of his own series of JulianSmith TV. He makes short stories who are basically rubbish. Yet the most funniest rubbish I’ve ever seen. 132 more words


Review #38: Young Tongue - Death Rattle

Artist – Young Tongue
Album –  Death Rattle (2014)

Young Tongue are a progressive indie band from America. The band played together and recorded 6 years previous to becoming ‘Young Tongue’ under the name ‘The Baker Family’. 282 more words


Anna Francisca Heinzman: volunteer, world traveler, Mom

Standing in front of a Kodak advertisement and a sign for cigars, with a bobcut and knickers, she looks so… modern. Even almost 100 years later I instantly knew she was progressive. 651 more words


The Death of Malygris by Clark Ashton Smith

The Death of Malygris by Clark Ashton Smith

The dark sorcerer Malygris has died, though Maranapion suspects there is more to his death than meets the eye. 838 more words

Clark Ashton Smith

The Smith Kids and The Opposite of An Apple

So, that Jaden and Willow Smith interview published in the New York Times is ca-ray-zay, am I right? I mean, the two come across as entitled, snobbish celebrity teens, spouting pseudoscientific gibberish and what can be best described as a nonsensical mixture of philosophy, ancient wisdom, and the opposite of apples. 550 more words