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The Battle of the Buttermilk Biscuits

About a month ago, I took my parents to the highly (over)rated Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston. I’ve never met anyone who loves fish as much as my mom, so the supposed best seafood restaurant in Boston was the obvious choice for dinner. 754 more words

Chocolate Chip Mint Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I saw these on my favorite blog a couple weeks ago, and obviously had to make them asap (I should really start to think about unsubscribing from all of these food blogs, as they make it pretty hard to stick to my… 1,138 more words



Ratatouille is my all-time favorite Pixar movie. I think someone’s favorite Pixar movie says a lot about them. I won’t go into my stereotypes now, but let’s just say if you said… 444 more words


how to make: blueberry treats

It’s July.  They’re lots of blueberries bopping around.  For myself, I was taken in by an enormous $7 carton last week.  When I looked in the fridge over the weekend and saw a mostly-full container of almost-shrively little berries staring back at me, I grabbed flour, sugar, eggs, and my favorite blueberry recipes to take matters into my own hands (literally!  310 more words


the nine days: day 1

Today begins The Nine Days, a time period in Jewish tradition where we are in deep mourning regarding the destruction of the Temple. During this time, we don’t eat meat or drink wine, so I will be switching things up a little on this blog and posting each of the nine days with a meatless meal – the one we will be eating that night. 305 more words


Home Fries

My friend and her family generously gave me some of their surplus potatoes and home-grown herbs and onions a few days ago. When I got home, I set to work steeping an ample bunch of lemon balm leaves with lemon verbena tea bags to make a pitcher of iced tea. 574 more words


Feastly Fun - Part One

For those of you who are wondering what Feastly is, let me tell you. It’s this wonderful website that connects people who love being a part of new dining experiences with those who love to cook for others.  491 more words

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