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Ten Things Thursday: fave blogs

I know, I ask you guys to read a lot of ridiculous stuff. Case in point.

But I can do better. And by that, I mean I can tell you to read stuff that isn’t written by me. 489 more words

Ten Things Thursday

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

What kind of crazy made me think  it was reasonable to order my child’s birthday present six days before her birthday and expect to get away with it? 807 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things: Food Blogs

Once upon a time, I wrote for a food and recipe aggregate website. Part of my day job was to reach out to new food bloggers, asking permission to link out to their picture-perfect, drool-worthy recipes. 557 more words

Averie Cooks

About cherry (kind of almond) blondies...

My sweet tooth is bad, and sometimes I’ll go to extreme measures to satisfy my sugary urges. By extreme I mean shoveling handfuls of chocolate chips (you know, for baking) into my mouth in a mad frenzy. 226 more words


chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

As I think back over the recipes of the last three months, one that stands out is the absolutely epic cheesecake I made for my husband’s 30th birthday party. 98 more words


Seven Quick Takes (of the last week-ish)

Hi hi.

It’s been pretty busy over here.  There’s been much stuff going on and it’s been HOT out friends.  It’s usually not that hot here in the PNW, but we have about a month of really hot weather (over 90) sprinkled throughout the summer, and some of this last week was in that category.   834 more words

Little Man

Blueberry Crumb Bars

Happy Independence Day! Well, not yet but I do like to get ahead of myself sometimes. I know for a fact that there will be cookouts, parties, potlucks, and all other kinds of celebrations going on this weekend. 834 more words