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I’ve wanted to make Smitten Kitchen’s Oreos since Deb Perelman posted the recipe in May of 2007. It’s now 2014, which means I’ve spent an entire quarter of my life thinking about making a single recipe.  439 more words

Tale #52 Broccoli, Cheddar and Wild Rice Casserole

Normally the beast doesn’t cook meals that don’t have meat in them. For carnivores, not having some form of meat in a meal doesn’t really count as having a proper meal. 478 more words

Home Cooking

Walnut Jam Tart

Rest in peace, food processor. I did not mean to break you.

For a few glorious months, I had a food processor and it was a beautiful thing. 442 more words

Fuck Yea! I'm A Chef

Kale Salad as Allegory: Is it Really the Kale That We Love/Hate?

Disclaimer #1: I distrust trends. Therefore by the time I decide to jump on a bandwagon, I usually have to run to catch up.

Disclaimer #2: I LIKE kale. 498 more words

Wing's Words

Cooking with K+C: Double Chocolate Banana Bread

There are four bananas in this banana bread, so if you eat the whole thing in one sitting then you’re well on the way to your 5-a-day.   108 more words

Graphic Recipes

Whole Wheat "Mac" and Cheese Bake with Bread Cube Topping

What to do when you have a nearly full jug of milk in the fridge and you have to use it before it goes bad? Mac and cheese. 450 more words


One-pan Farro With Tomatoes

This dish is easy but incredibly delicious. The ingredients are simple so it’s hard to imagine how tasty these grains turn out. With just a little chopping, this dish will come together quickly and works great as a main and a side dish. 280 more words