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No matter how creatively and glibly social media tries to spin doctor it … “Bossiness” is the same thing as “Bullying” and is a form of aggression. 28 more words


A Bad Decision or a Smoke Screen?

On this site I take a look at situations and events that have come to my attention and consider what happened and possible reasons why. 125 more words

Bad Decision

Run it Down or Let it Go?

I talk about interviewing as if the interviewer is like a Greek warrior, always at the top of their game. But it’s not always that simple or affirming.  564 more words


Songs From Up In Smoke

Professors Sid and Stan have been busy recording some of the music from our show.

In other news we are also working on a movie to celebrate the end of our 12 week tour that will follow shortly. 39 more words

Gary Bridgens


Good call JJM … You go girl!!

I will add that these tactics are used by miscreants who cut across gender, race, ethnicity, and whatever new categories society comes up with. 124 more words