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Eating for One - Smoked Salmon

I made a video of me going grocery shopping, and had a question about the salmon. My answer is that yes, the smoked salmon… 75 more words

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Herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon canapés

A dinner party to celebrate a special occasion. Hmm…I’m thinking hors d’oerves, a plated 4 course meal, candles. You can never go wrong with smoked salmon. 174 more words

It's Bagel Day!

Hey everyone!

This should have been a Monday post .. but anyway .. now it’s Tuesday morning and what’s better than starting the day with a delicious bagel?!  97 more words


Mushroom and Salmon Linguine

For quite a while I’m kind of obsessed with Japanese food and here I am cooking some pasta Japanese style. This time I chose a nice recipe of pasta from a well-known website… 41 more words


Yo Sushi Masterclass: In your own kitchen

As a birthday treat, my foodie friend and I went to Yo Sushi to learn how to make sushi, from Cucumber Maki, California ISO rolls, battleships and hand rolls we learnt all the tricks! 647 more words


Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg Breakfast Sandwich

This is barely a recipe post if I’m being honest, as nothing is weighed or cooked (aside from the poached egg… though I’d hardly constitute cracking an egg into water as ‘cooking’).

The bacon of fish - smoked salmon

After many years of eating and making smoked salmon, we finally found the *perfect* recipe, which is as follows:

Makes enough brine for 5 pounds of fish… 315 more words