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Smoked Wheat

Haven’t had time to cook in a while, but I can enjoy a beer.
Grätzer. A smoked wheat beer.

Normally smoked beers taste like band aids to me, but from what I’m told they smoke the wheat with oak for a different taste. 30 more words

Home-smoked ribs

One of the things I love the most about real BBQ is the deep richness that comes from slow, low cooking in a smoker. Sadly, as I live in a first floor flat without any kind of outdoor space (apart from a windowsill and that is hardly going to accommodate a big fat Weber), I have been unable to indulge in such antics. 853 more words


John's Smoked Salmon Dinner

Hello everyone,

Once a year, John usually manages to make his way to the west coast for some sort of climbing and/or fishing action. Lucky for me, he usually manages to bring back a nice load of wild fish, caught or purchased, to last us the year and then some. 806 more words


Smoked Paprika, Chilli, and Garlic Cheddar Scones

One of my first posts was my recipe for sweet white scones, only very slightly adapted from the Ballymaloe version (who I would trust with all things scone!). 272 more words


Thornbridge Beadeca’s Well

Άρωμα καπνού και ξύλου. Μαζί μπέικον και


BBQ Smoked Brisket, Ribs and Chicken - A Carnivore's Dream

I can blame credit Ken Ayers for this smoking journey of mine.  We used to be on the same team at work and when Thanksgiving came around, we would beg him to bring in his smoked turkey.   593 more words

smoke jelly pork roast

Sirloin pork roast
Jelly-pineapple is good
Smoke flavoring

Start by rubbing the roast with salt
Mix ¾ cup jelly with a splash of smoke flavoring a little less than 1 tsp for every cup of jelly) if it is to weak add more sparingly. 73 more words