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"GOOD MORNING!" From Three Kodiak Bears!

“GOOD MORNING!” From Three Kodiak Bears!
By Capt. Bob Leonard

Noises outside the small cabin woke Larry. The low amount of light which came through the one window showed him that it was just after dawn. 739 more words


Hop and Cleaver, Sandhill

I was fortunate to be invited along to the press opening of the new smokehouse restaurant on Quayside, Hop and Cleaver (one of the few perks of working in business journalism). 327 more words


Smoked Mackerel Pâté with Sweet Chilli & Lime

There are so many variants on a smoked mackerel / trout pâté. It is often made with cream cheese, but I prefer crème fraiche for a lighter version. 136 more words


Smoking Foods

I have over the years growing up in NC and VA developed a passion for quality smoked food.  I believe that if something is properly prepared and smoked your taste buds cannot be offended.  414 more words


The Best Brunch!

Last week I went to visit a good friend on the Wirral (it’s in Merseyside, across the river from Liverpool). Aside from falling in love with the  place, she took me for the most fantastic brunch in West Kirby. 314 more words


Ethyl's Smokehouse

Are you ready for a foodgasm? Then look no further! I have been here a few times and as I am a burger fanatic I have always gotten their burgers or BBQ nachos. 119 more words


Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds 38oz tub Fast

Unlike hardness which refers to againsting scratches, its brittleness only from average to good level. It is the difficulty to break of materials. diamond is brittle because of its weak withstand, so it is more fragile against other materials. 275 more words