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College Smokeshow of the Day: Alexa from FSU

As we proceed to give you what you need, here is another Saturday Smokeshow of the Day. How great are Saturday’s this time of year? It’s the weekend, college football all day, and joblessbrandon just bringing you absolute hot fire. 103 more words


Local Smokeshow of the Day: Kelly from Massachusetts

Today we bring you Kelly from Massachusetts as our local Smokeshow of the Day. Your welcome. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, what the fuck is better than’s smokes social media post Halloween. 83 more words


Smokeshow Alert In Montreal: Briannah Donolo

Briannah Donolo..uh..Hi

She’s got that Minka Kelly/Lyla Garrity vibe going for her, an unbelievable set of pipes and is a complete smokeshow.
Briannah is by far the hottest girl in Canada right now.





College Smokeshow of the Day: Zoe from URI

Meet today’s Smokeshow of the Day, Zoe from URI. Is there anything better than a Smokes Facebook/Instagram/Pictures post Halloween? It’s like fucking Christmas. Anyway, shout out to Zoe and her sisters in SDT, URI’s elite. 24 more words


LeBron James And Kevin Love Got Caught Checking Out A Smokeshow Across The Court

The cameraman’s the real MVP of all of this. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the whole world saw who LeBron and KLove was looking at. 35 more words


Phat Ass Friday

As part of our weekly tribute to asses here’s a fat ass Friday Gallery with…I don’t know her name but her Instagram handle is @babyyvi and on Twitter she calls herself Victory but I don’t give a fuck. 27 more words