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Expect the unexpected… what to photograph…

It happens that fast… At first the Doe and her Fawn weren’t noticed, about 80 feet ahead on the old trail. Then as the tripod was lowered from my shoulder she started moving toward an opening in the brush. 254 more words


Snapshots of the Smokies

Only one post in and life is already getting in the way of blogging! However, life lately has been pleasant, so I’m not complaining. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my college townhouse all unpacked and settled. 663 more words

A Weekend Down South in the Smokies

So I came home from camp about a week ago and thought, “Okay, cool. I’m gonna have some time to relax at home for a few weeks before school starts. 904 more words


Sunset from Mortons Overlook

Mortons Overlook is one of the few great sunset locations in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In the summer, it is probably the best location. During most of the rest of the year the sun is obscured by the mountains on the right and left of this image. 383 more words



Day 5. 37.8 miles.

We end today’s virtual traipse with with a question. What do smokies, waterbeds, hot air stoves, enameled bathtubs, overhead valve engines and adhesive postage stamps have In common? 360 more words

Virtual Journey

Late Spring View from Mortons Overlook

I try to visit the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina at least a couple of times a year. Sometimes my other obligations impinge on that desire and I just can’t make it there as often as I would like. 412 more words



He was out in the crisp, thin air of the Smokies when he found the universe’s expiration date.

It was just hovering there, kind of floating if you will, a tag the same as the kind you might get a government warning against removing from your average mattress. 554 more words

Flash Fiction