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Banning smoking in Trafalagar Square and public parks...the next step to a complete smoking ban?

In 2011, New York City introduced a ban on smoking in Central Park, in addition to all of the city’s parks and beaches. This week London took a step closer to something like this, when it was suggested that smoking could be banned in Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and London Parks. 364 more words


Live and Let Live

This may be a bit of a departure from the  feel-good feature that’s normally here. Forgive me.

But I’m a smoker and I refuse to apologise for that… 471 more words

'I'm not trying to ostracize anybody': Councillor Walters on smoking ban in Churchill Square

Watch above: It’s a popular spot for festivals or just to have lunch on a nice day. Vinesh Pratap has more on the idea to ban smoking in Churchill Square. 474 more words


Monday 21st January 2013- The Guardian: Child asthma admissions fall after smoking ban

‘Research shows there was a 12.3% fall in admissions in the first year after the law was introduced in July 2007…[, and] NHS statistics analysed by researchers at Imperial College London showed the decline was equivalent to 6,802 fewer hospital admissions in the first three years of the law coming into effect.’ 9 more words


Smoking bans - Where will it stop

Dear God is nothing sacred.  I read today that a report by London’s Health Commission has called for smoking to be banned in public places including Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. 141 more words


University System of Georgia enacts tobacco ban on all campuses

Georgia schools are making strides for public health with the Oct. 1 ban of all tobacco products on campus.

The ban originates from the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, who made the… 538 more words


E-cigs could save the pub trade (in Burnley, Lancashire)

By Paul Nuttall

Source: Burnley Express

Following the recent £60,000 renovation of the Empire Coffee House in St James’s Street which sees the business become perhaps Burnley’s first e-cigarette friendly social establishment, this concept should be looked at with the hope more of the same will follow. 115 more words