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Edmonton councillors pass Churchill Square smoking ban, look to expand to other sites

Smokers in Churchill Square will be butting out after councillors pushed ahead with a ban Wednesday.

And one city councillor wants to go further and extinguish cigarette smoke in various public places across the city. 290 more words


Edmonton city council moves forward with Churchill Square smoking ban

Watch above: After a lot of debate, change will be coming to Churchill Square. But now council is wondering if more city-run places should be included. 433 more words


People really aren't smoking much anymore in the US and Europe

The numbers: British American Tobacco (BAT) reported that its revenues fell almost 10% in the first nine months of the year, compared to the same period last year. 343 more words


To begin with I’ll say that I used to smoke; I stated when I went away to college at eighteen… most of my contemporaries,and the lecturers who taught us smoked. 284 more words

Bits And Pieces

Banning smoking in Trafalagar Square and public parks...the next step to a complete smoking ban?

In 2011, New York City introduced a ban on smoking in Central Park, in addition to all of the city’s parks and beaches. This week London took a step closer to something like this, when it was suggested that smoking could be banned in Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and London Parks. 364 more words


Live and Let Live

This may be a bit of a departure from the  feel-good feature that’s normally here. Forgive me.

But I’m a smoker and I refuse to apologise for that… 471 more words

'I'm not trying to ostracize anybody': Councillor Walters on smoking ban in Churchill Square

Watch above: It’s a popular spot for festivals or just to have lunch on a nice day. Vinesh Pratap has more on the idea to ban smoking in Churchill Square. 474 more words