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So, I’m laying in bed playing on my phone, while Mr. Knockout sits at the end of the bed on his laptop – playing music and chatting with me. 155 more words

Sea Spray

Our destination was the Sea Spray, a motel on the beach in Ocean City, MD. Karl and I were lagging behind. A bowl of home grown attached to the dash by a rubber suction cup. 103 more words

Real Life

smoking weed reduce the anxiety of drinking alcohol?

Hello guys, this is Visualize your reality, my real name, Jorge.

Today this morning i was looking through my Facebook feeds and i saw this post from “High Times” the tittle got my attention because i realize that 6 months ago i¬†was a heavy drinker, Thursday-Sunday, i use to hang out with a friend to smoke and drink but mostly drink of course the bottle last longer, day after day, sometimes i would just buy a medium bottle to myself drink a cup that equals to six shots and four beers every day i did this for 4 months. 303 more words



I am writing this post sitting in my car by the road side, waiting for my friend..
My eyes were wandering here and there on the road, when a guy holding a cigarette and a lighter caught my eye… … 334 more words

Al Quran

my first time smoking weed

“You want to smoke weed?” An often question I would get asked all the time by friends on my Freshmen year at High school and of course I didn’t knew nothing about weed so I was scared of it by that time so I reply “naah am good.” 221 more words


I thought about adopting a pet raccoon

Then I realized it wouldn’t be able to talk.
Or shoot things.
But I don’t want to be just another boring cat lady.
Maybe I’ll just get a plant, instead.


An Addiction to an Addiction

Marijuana, Weed, Mary Jane, just a few names for a drug, once considered a harmless recreational pastime. Now, new studies have surfaced claiming these recreational drugs to be more harmful than originally reported. 340 more words