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I Can Relate to Lindsay Lohan

I’ve been watching Lindsay Lohan’s reality series on OWN. It’s a bit addictive seeing someone who is so quick to make excuses and who is failing at making a comeback. 377 more words

And Wild Nights

Are "Quit Smoking" Campaigns Funded By Cigarette Companies ...

It’s a legitimate question that gets not just ignored but in my opinion avoided these days.  For those of you that are well informed on the subject you know that “Quit smoking” campaigns are absolutely funded by ALL cigarette companies , it’s actually the law.   959 more words

My Private War on Smoking

My college-aged son smokes cigarettes. So do most of his friends. Not all the time, but socially. And it’s killing me.

In 1964, the Surgeon General released its definitive report about the health effects of smoking… 481 more words

Happy Merry 420!!! Let's get high

Two days ago was an unofficial holiday for marijuana smokers like myself called 420. April 20 is day for all potheads/weed smokers to come together and get super high. 143 more words


E-Cigarettes... in the Office?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are growing in popularity. How should employers handle this?

Tobacco vs. E-Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,700 chemical compounds, which can affect anyone within breathing distance of the smoker. 676 more words

Affordable Care Act

Lesley: Tuesday 22nd April: Day 107

Happiness: 5
Health: 5
Success: 7

I did sneak a wee bit pf chocolate and some nuts today but definitely pulled the food back into control and got a decent workout in at the gym so feeling glad that my gluttony has not continued unchecked today! 30 more words