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The (Health) Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes

Do not let the propaganda fool you. Smoking has its benefits. Yes, you’ll probably die from lung cancer or get punched in the face when you blow smoke into the wrong person’s face. 1,560 more words


An Elixir of Nebulas

We hide ourselves under our own animal skins
Fearing of the fire within
Tidal waves rush over shores
For the loveless, I adore

Unruly youth… 153 more words

I am a quitter...

Today is August 1st, 2014 and today I decided to quit smoking.

I am home sick from work with a face mask on trying very hard to not think about the fact that this coffee would be so much better with a cigarette. 126 more words


Product of the Week: Kuisiware Grill Lantern

Light up your barbecue night with Kuisiware Grill Lantern! No more burnt meat and disappointed guests.  No more frustration because of cooking in the dark. 370 more words


How to Maintain Your Barbecue Grill

Barbecue grills, whether they’re gas or charcoal are easy to clean but make no mistake because if you don’t maintain them properly they could easily gather dirt and rust that may result to damages. 317 more words