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Not Lust

This is not lust.
No! this is lust
locked in a wet rusty cage.
Fire raging within fortress of ice. 216 more words

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Did I just go on a date?

In my town they just finished construction on the new home of the San Francisco 49ers and let me tell you….The stadium is sick. Last Saturday they had the very first ever event there and I just had to go. 539 more words

National Lipstick Day: Pucker up and say hello!

It’s out with the old blog and in with the new – a dazzlingly refreshed number with promises of lifestyle, fashion and music posts from all over Scotland.   427 more words

When Shakespeare committed word crimes

Shakespeare coined new words when he needed — or merely wanted — them. Can you guess which words were invented by the Bard?

English heading into the sixteenth century was a makeshift, cobbled-together thing. 587 more words

Book Excerpt

Got allergies?

Kiss your sweetheart!
30 minutes of kissing can improve allergy symptoms. Research shows that kissing reduces the amount of chemicals your body releases in response to allergens. So smooch away!

Connie Sellecca

Tips To Kiss Passionately

It really doesn’t matter if you are real player or just getting started in the dating playground, the bottom-line remains that you need to be a more-than-good kisser to present yourself as lovable and passionate. 9 more words