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Smoothie Cubes = Decent Workday Breakfast

Simplest way I’ve found to get a healthy start on my busy mornings: smoothie cubes.  I make green smoothie ice cubes whenever I have a surfeit of greens and super-ripe fruit.  146 more words

A Worldwide NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway and Seven Days of Green Smoothies - Day 5; Key Lime Pie

Day 5 of the week of Green Smoothies in aid of an amazing giveaway, to share with FOUR lucky readers an amazing array of NuNaturals… 249 more words


A Delightful Treat~

I made strawberry and raspberry smoothies one day and they were delicious~~

Morning Kick

Waking up is simply becoming a harder task, especially when my sleep schedule is reversed due to all this exam studying. I sleep at 5am and try to wake up for 11am. 60 more words


The Naked Juice Lawsuit and Chemophobia

Within the past year, a story went viral on Facebook regarding the Naked juice brand owned by Pepsi Co. A class action lawsuit was brought to PepsiCo regarding the labeling it had used on the Naked juice drinks which claimed the drinks were free of genetically modified (GM) crops and were ‘all-natural’. 718 more words

Green Juice, From Your Blender

If you don’t have a juicer and don’t particularly want to spend $7 every day on a fresh pressed juice, fear not my friends your blender will do. 200 more words

NaPoWriMo - Day 18 - Smoothies

Today’s poem is inspired by my housemate’s new health kick. She has been making lots of smoothies, that taste a lot better than they look, apparently. 12 more words

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