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Dessert Shots: S'mores & Vanilla Rainbow

I had a great Easter this year and I hope you all did too. I woke and went to the gym with my to get some exercise in before all the craziness began. 353 more words

S'More Pie

Now maybe you knew that there is no way I wouldn’t have a pie for pi day. I am a cooking math person after all. 1,007 more words

Fudging Ahead

I'll Tell You What I Think - Student Disciplined for YouTube Recycling Video

I came across an article tonight via Facebook tonight that was originally published in the St. Catherine’s Standard on Monday April 7th.  The article shared how a University of Brock student and Residence Don, Travis Lewis was disciplined for making and posting a YouTube video which showcased the amount of garbage that the 900 students who live within his residence area create. 331 more words

mini s'more

Dessert is awesome- and even more awesome when tiny and cute.  I decided to make mini s’mores with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and golden grahams….right in the dining hall!   13 more words


S'more Doughnuts at Macaron Parlour

It took me 3 tries to buy a S’more doughnut from Macaron Parlour. The first time I went on a weekday. The staff informed me that the S’more doughnut is only available on Saturdays. 114 more words

Sweet Treats

Happy Birthday S'morgan!

Hello blog universe, this is the sister talking.  The “I’m turning 25 and I want a cookie monster birthday cake” sister.  But let’s be honest, everyone of you wishes they had that cake too.   902 more words

Don't Hate It- Cake It!

Each Tuesday between now and Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 3, 2014, we will share exclusive festival highlights.

Robotic S’more Maker!

Hungry for innovation? The MFET Senior Design class here at RIT has created a fully automated, user interactive work-cell capable of manufacturing and assembling the delicious campfire treat known as the s’more! 101 more words