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S'more Brownie

Oooops! I went the entire month of August with out a blog post.  Well, I guess that is an indication of how busy August was for us.   581 more words


It's happening...Twitter!

Last week I did a quick Twitter 101 presentation with the staff at the elementary I support.  There were so many levels of experience (or none at all!) it was hard to know how best to share the many features of Twitter.   246 more words

Government Publishes Detailed Instructions on How to Safely Roast Marshmallows

And if a whole marshmallow is a little too much for your overweight kids, the article suggests scrapping the whole idea of roasting marshmallows, and instead using marshmallow creme out of a jar… 293 more words

Accelerated {motion blur}


magazine: Photographic Elements Techniques

issue: March – April 2014

article: Photos In Motion

author: Lesa Snider

steps: 6

time: 44 minutes my first time – 2 minutes per photo after that… 216 more words

Elements Techniques

S'mores Pancakes

Pancakes were my FAVORITE breakfast food growing up. I would even order them for lunch and dinner when restaurants offered them. I hated eggs. Of course, as I grew older, my palate changed. 264 more words


43.7° N, 79.4° W

In what I hope will be a frequent occurrence, the wind blew me into a few different zip codes during the weekend. First starting off in Buffalo, NY for a wedding and Lil Jon concert, Saturday took me to the above coordinates, Toronto, Ontario. 327 more words

Scouts, tents and campfires: give me s'mores! // Słowo skauta: s'more

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Some days are just not as good as others. Even my general naivete and enthusiasm dry out every now and then, and I start looking for some simple mood fixers. 295 more words