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Revisiting Bluemix with Twilio

This post walks you through the steps to use Twilio with IBM’s Bluemix to send an SMS and also make a  voice call when you click a URL.   709 more words


How to check if a SMS can be send in Android

It is important to add in the Manifest file the following permissions:

    <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.SEND_SMS” />

    <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS” />

In order to check if a SMS can be send in Android, this code can be used: 18 more words

DT 290814

Aagym: Sahabat, makin mengharapkan pujian manusia selain hati tidak akan tenang, akan banyak kecewa dan pahalapun akan sirna.


Nuevas estrategias para ligar

Encontrar pareja esporádica o estable requiere actualmente, un cortejo más sofisticado que el de antaño. Antes, con ir a una discoteca, tras un juego de miradas… 762 more words


Three Rules To Construct an Effective SMS

SMS functionality is pervasive and adaptable but requires structured messaging in order to maximize its benefits. For example, within marketing, SMS is proven to be a valuable tool in promoting your business, as statistics have demonstrated how rapidly people are drawn to reading their text messages. 314 more words


Will it rain today? The weather, straight to your Inbox.

‘I would have lost a total of 7 acres of various commodities, mostly maize, but for the timely weather advice I received from Esoko. All my peers who went in to plant without the information have lost all their crops due to the unpredictable rains.”

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Aagym: Assalamu’alaikum sahabat, yang tulus, mari kita lakukan yang terbaik Lillaahi Ta’ala bukan untuk dipuji, dihormati dan dibalas budi.