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Katsuhito Ishii's SMUGGLER (2011)

SMUGGLER. Katsuhito Ishii. 2011.

After a long hiatus, Ishii returned with Smuggler in 2011, one of my favorite films to come out of East Asia in years. 1,534 more words


Here are the tunnels Israel is trying to close with military action in Gaza

The Israeli reason for the controversial military invasion of Gaza is, at least officially, about one critical piece of infrastructure: Tunnels used to smuggle people, goods and weapons in and out of the densely populated 360 square kilometers (139 square miles) of land. 531 more words

That's a Win

Post #40 from the Dubrillion Burning series

Jeana and Jaesa disemboweled the two hacked droids while Raina and Cartog climbed up the fifth generator. The sixth had already had its dish shredded by Jeana’s first droid. 518 more words


“Never tell me the odds.”

Number 147.

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Doodle Wars!

I have a new idea. It involves Star Wars, Drawing, Video Games, A Minecraft Server, And Becoming A Smuggler From A Galaxy Far, Far, Away. 19 more words