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Apple Crumble, Cheesecake Shortbread Bars

I enjoy baking and its therapeutic benefits. I especially love sharing the goodies and having everyone enjoy them. (that sounds slightly inappropriate when read out of context) I often find though, that I spend so much on all the ingredients and it ends up turning into rather an expensive endeavor. 1,090 more words


Cookies & Cream Cake Bars

Gluten free / Soy free / Naturally sweetened cake bars

 Cake Ingredientes:


Harvest Box ~ A Better Snack

Do you sometimes sit at your desk at work, daydreaming about food and thinking ‘how great wouldn’t it be if I could just get a snack delivered to my desk?!’. 317 more words


5min Chocolate Cake With PB Fluff

Are you craving cake but you just don’t have time to do one?
But you also don’t want to go buy one from a bakery and mess up all your diet? 269 more words


It Takes Two To Mango

But really it only took one mango to create two delicious vegan mango lassi smoothie bowls for mum and I. Sorry. Am I confusing you? It’s just that my brain is buzzing as I’m writing this post with unbelievable enthusiasm as this baby right here is by far, 86 more words

Dairy Free

Its brownie time

Hey guys I promised you yesterday I was making browines today and I’m bring you along so lets start I got my oven set a 350… 73 more words

Norwegian Boller

Snow day! Being home today afforded me the opportunity to try something new and, since I’ve wanted to make boller for some time, I made my first batch of this Norwegian goodie.   642 more words

Delicious Sweets!